October horror writing game

i did not have a good enough idea for a title so this would just have to do.

So i desited to create this writing game topic because of the season, and thus this is a writing game with horror elements.

unlike my past writing game (you can find it here) there is no main character you "play" as. instead you introduce a character that you play as throuh out the story, edit: by that i mean that if say Tarvaax were to create a character, he can only write for that Character, but no one else can, so you are only allowed to write for one character, and that character is your own to keep.

now what the horror in the story is, is up to the players. It can be ither a haunted house, a monster, or a killer stalking the house. or all of them if you all want that

the main location of the story is set in a big mansion (isent it allways) with little to no contact from other people. all of the players are guests at the mansion, and you have the freedom to walk around the mansion and do what you would have done if you where in a situation like this. (and depending on your desitions, you might even write your character as the main horror aspect of the story, though that can only happend if something is to happend to your character that causes this change to occure in the story, like a full moon "if your a werewolf", the character is killed in an acsident "if the your going to become a ghost" or by having your character become insain "if you are to become a killer")

I know, i probably did not explain things so well, but i hope atleast that this will allow people to get into the spirit of halloween on the message board.


I'm interested in this. Sign me up.

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Horror? Right up my alley, sign me up.:yum:

@Chronicler @DigitalDeath3321 i actualy intended this topic to be for the writing game. its the reason why i wrote the rules.

So you could have written your character's story actually.

but if you all need a begining to start:

"You have all entered a mansion that the TTV Message Boads have rented out for their Halloween party.

there is enough rooms for all of the members, though some will need to share rooms together. There are also two kitchens, one with some ovens and another with a big freezer. Behind the mansion there is a big garden with some stone statues of different animals. To the left of the mansion there is a small hill with some stairs that leads to a small mausoleum that is where the original family that owned the mansion is buried. The mansion is located on a small land mass that is a car drive away from a small town.

Its cold outside, and the people that works at the mansion warns people from walking outside because of wild wolfs that have been seen wandering around the area near the mansion."

edit: @Ninjanicktf you can join in if you want, you don't have to sign up for anything. also, you don't need to use your real name if you don't want to, you can just use your user name instead if you like.

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Wait, so we use our actual person?

So so I just add on or do I have to sing up?

One of the guests just so happened to be dressed quite dapper. With slicked back hair under a fedora, a striped suit, and a gracious smile, he seemed to make an impression on the other guests. He was almost out of time, in a sense.

He stands alone in the lobby of the mansion, checking his watch. He grows impatient.

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A seemingly young, chunky teenager walked into the mansion, wearing earbuds. Disturbed can be faintly heard from the earbuds.

"ZONIKS!" Ninja said as he saw the guy. "Wait, what are you doing here?"

Oh a Spooky Horror game, I joint in.

Sign me up 2 do u a frighten

" Its a ttv party. I'm a part of TTV. So, I came here."
The kid stared at "ninja".
" Zinkies, "Echo said in a sarcastic tone," What are YOU doing here?"

"I was heading to a showing of Max Steel, but I guess I made a wrong turn" Said Ninja.


Than a monstrous purple dragon appears.

Then an even more monstrous necropost appears