Odd Thorgalson

Odd Thorgalson

A mighty Nordic warrior, Odd Thorgalson has survived more battles than expected for a man of his age. It seems like the only thing that can stop him is old age…

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As you can probably guess, this moc was heavily inspired by one of my favorite Bio-Cup 2018 entries, Dylan Mievis’ Gærrar Valbrandsson. Just a bit more muppet-like.


That Meltdown head (I think) is perfect.

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it is a meltdown head

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Ha! So cute! The meltdown head!!! Is so good there! This is great, as always! VIKINGS!!!


That is odd

Reminds me of Rush from Oban Star racers

His bloodthirsty eyes strike fear into the hearts of man and beast.
I love the way you did the nose, you really achieved the muppet look!