Oeric, Tree Feller


Searching for an ancient artifact…

Extra shot of just the dude:

Also, I’m running a contest! (The ‘Big Bioni-Castle Contest’)
I made this MOC as a sort of promo/inspo thing to kick it off, so if anyone’s interested in it I’m running it on Flickr, Instagram, and Twitter

(I don’t see anything in the board’s rules or guidelines about plugs like this so apologies to the mods if this is breaking any guidelines I’m not aware of)


Woah. Very nice! I really like the small bit’s of green on him, that make him look weathered.

Wow! Very neat! I love how many of your MOCs are more than just the character, but also include some awesome scenery to go with it! And the green look really neat, too.

Awesome! Also, nice touch with the Miru Nuva in the undergrowth.

Awesome build, as always! It sure looks like it was taken out of a castle wall!

Can I post my entry for your contest on this site? Or I can post it only on Flikr?

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He looks so cool, like Reinhard meets greek Warrior

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When I saw the title I thought this was an Oaken Cowboy

Not here sorry, but you can post on Flickr Twitter or Instagram.

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I have a plan, we’re gonna do this one ultimate style…

It might not be loved but it will be… universally impressive

I absolutely love this guy’s design. Great work!