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Hey guys it's me Gwideon. Ok I'm a regular contributer to the custom bionicle wiki and I just want to know what you guys think of the wiki and it's members. Also please try and keep the discussion fairly civilizied


I think this topic is different enough from "Custom Bionicle Members: Unite!", to warrant it's own topic.


Well it's a good place to look at mocs, I guess.

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Thank you

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Just from some general browsing, some of the MOCs look shweet, while others should accompany Randall and Jeff in the Hall of Terribad. :grimacing:

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very true very true

This ain't official unless it was made by a Mod or Admin or Cast Member.

a mod made it offical


@Wajinator made it so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay. Just makin' sure.

You can never know these days.

The people there (at least when I was active there) were cool, but there wasn't much quality MOCing going on there. The only MOCers there that I liked were BobTheDoctor27,ChineseLegolas, and Vorred.

I still contribute to the site, but it's a rather small community. Still, it's a great place to see MOCs and look at some pretty amazing stories.


It's a pretty nice bunch of people. I love just browsing around to see what everyone has created. Although I'm never on when their chat is very active :stuck_out_tongue:

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It's a very nice community that I'm happy to be a part of. You guys should totally join.

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I was a member of the wiki for a while, when I was in the BIONICLE fandom. I checked back fairly recently and saw that the community's become a lot smaller.

MOCs range from amazing to terrible, but the best MOCists have, for the most part, left the site.

Like Chronicler said above, where CBW really shines is quality fanfic. Although there's lots of terrible fanfic out there, quite a bit is decent, and there are a few startlingly brilliant stories on the site. In particular, I recommend you all check out the works of Chicken Bond and Echo 1.

Most notably, though the site is home to BobTheDoctor27's Frozen Calling, which is bar none the best BIONICLE fanfic serial I've ever read. That alone should be reason enough for the TTV community to check out the wiki.


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