Official Ninjago Legacy Reimagined Short Films Announced

I’m losing my mind over this.


I like how they’ve been experimenting with new animation styles and methods of storytelling, not really a Ninjago fan anymore, but it does seem cool enough to watch on it’s own.


Haven’t really been into Ninjago since the reboot but I have to say this looks quite awesome.


Which one? The one in 2014 or the one in 2019?


Basically when the the Ninjago Movie came out and they revamped the animation style and started over with more videogame-isms to appeal to current audiences.

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What, you mean like the bit where they went into a video game?

I think @Winger means Sons of Garmadon, but that’s 2018. I meant with 2019 the turn when the episodes became shorter. Ninjago had a bunch of smaller reimmagenings of the format, when you think about it.

that’s it i can die peacfully.

Not the season called “Reboot”, after the one with the stone warriors and such. I mean around when the Ninjago Movie came out. They changed animation style, character design, etc. By “videogame-isms” I mean less ninja and more motorcycles, mechs, and robots. I mean it’s always been like that to an extent but I feel like it really took off after the movie. I believe the last season I was really interested in was Skybound.

I’m not necessarily saying I hate Ninjago, I just dislike what it has become.


So my opinion on Ninjago is something I’ve made clear in a bunch of places - I don’t particularly like it, nor do I feel like it’s well-written consistently. (It has occasional moments to be proud of).

With that context out of the way…
The trailer honestly looks awesome. I’ll probably actually watch these. (That black-and-white one looks epic, so does the 2D animated style).

Really cool to see them experimenting with something so aesthetically creative and unique, even if it is just for a commemorative event. Its a nice gift to the fanbase.

if only Bionicle could get this kind of treatment :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey look at that the first episode is out.

this was pretty friggin epic.


wait when did ninjago become grimdark post apocalypse


its great isn’t it.


ohhh that plot twist though

they’re releasing another one next week according to the description

wasn’t expecting that to be honest.


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