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I would say I’m interested but I am not trustable

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I wouldn’t be able to co-own it, but if you did the “Jedi padawans surviving order 66 in a venator” I would definitely join. to the point where I already have character idea

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Haha I’m trying to find time to work on it

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I’m thinking about starting an RP set in the town of Morioh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s not very connected to other parts of the series aside from cameo appearances, so it’s easy for people who aren’t fans of the series to get into, and there’s enough interesting stuff that’s happened there to base an RP around. It’s had strange disappearances, a serial killer, and a lot of other events that added wierd landmarks to the town (for example, an out of place easter island head and a man who lives in a transmission tower). TL;DR, I think an RP set in Morioh would be cool.

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I’d be cool with a JoJo rp as long as we distance ourself from canon. JoJo already has some wack canon and adding fan ideas to that is wack

Yeah, the canon can be a bit odd at times, that’s why I picked Morioh. Although I’d probably keep characters that live in Morioh there, like for example how Rohan might not seem to have aged at al since 1999 or that Yukako now runs Cinderella. How much of the canon would you think would be okay to keep in it? Also why are we whispering? @_el

the thing is that having our characters intermingle with a legit setting in the universe. Ideally I’d rather have it instead be set ina. Miscellaneous town and forming our own loose fanon inspired by JoJo so we can do more diverse and interesting stuff without worrying about being held down by in universe limits

We’re whispering because of spoilers

Well, apart from canon things, I was thinking about the rp using stands as a power system. Wouldn’t use hamon or vampire stuff because those both have very defined uses and are very complicated, along with being Swiss army knives that can be used for anything. Stands are a lot easier to understand and force people to be a lot more creative when making characters. With methods of getting a stand, would it be better to have everyone develop one naturally or use an already established artificial way of getting one? Or something completely new?

i’m fine with hamon and spin and all that jazz as long as stands exist

Stands are great for fanon stuff. It could probably be any of the options you mentioned. It would probably be best to have multiple at least so character backstories for stands can be diverse.

Is there anything else you think I might need to flesh out before I start it? Also, do you have any advice on running an rp?

thats up to you to decide but it depends on what you want. If you want something mainly for jojo fans who rp on here which is a very small amount or a more generall overall base for general rpers here. Honestly simple is the way to go, it can have a lengthy plot but the overall premise should be summed up in a sentence or two imo.

Uh, make sure you don’t get too welmed i guess

Not that I want to spearhead such an RP, what with empire of insects already on life support, but…

I’d like to see a Spaghetti Western RP. Guns blazing, edgy sand-bitten heroes blasting bullets across the arid frontier in the pursuit of rigid, vigilante justice in a small dirt-plowing town struggling to stay alive.

A good one, that is.


What would y’all think of an open world alternate universe Spider-Man RPG? You could play as your own character or an alternate version of a pre-existing Spider-Man character (probably only one alt version for each character tho). We’d probably keep most characters pretty close to the main versions and it’d hopefully feel like an open world video game


interesting. I do in fact did make a my own “spidersona” at some point so that would be interesting.

I made something of one too. I was thinking of either playing as him or venom

I made more of a ‘grey’ spiderman, that I called “Wolf Spider” He really only had the base spider powers that last I know every spiderman has, but he used equipment to further himself.

Gray like gray Jedi? Or gray like coloration? Haha