Official TTV Contest: Master of Dragons

Are you a fan of Ninjago? I’m going to hope and assume your answer is yes, because that is what this contest is about.

This won’t be a too terribly large contest, but one more for some fun for some enjoyable prizes.

The goal of this contest is to do the best in one of three fields: MOCing, Art, or Music. The first place in MOCing will receive 70644 Golden Dragon Master, first place in Art will receive 70647 Kai - Dragon Master, and first place in Music will receive 70645 Cole - Dragon Master. All prizes were kindly provided to us by The LEGO Group to be used however we please, so this is how we’re using them!

Since these are smaller prizes, this contest won’t run for all too long. Submit your entry as a topic here on the TTV Message Boards with “Ninjago Dragon Contest” in the title and “contest” in the tags to be entered into the running.

Oh, and if you hadn’t guessed, it has to do something with Ninjago and the dragons therein. So your entry has to contain at least one dragon (which can be of your own design) alongside one of the various Ninja from any given media. That is, unless it’s music. In that case, we recommend doing your best to create something you feel is best found in Ninjago media. Sounds like something from Ninjago? Perfect! Give it a shot.

Some ground rules to make clear:

-Entries must follow Message Board rules.
-LDD is allowed alongside physical MOCs. No third-party or modified pieces.
-Only one entry per category, for a total of three entries per person total.
-If a visual entry lacks either a Ninja or a Dragon, the entry will be disqualified.
-Entries must contain “Ninjago Dragon Contest” in the topic title, or it will not be counted.
-Non-message board members, banned members, and TTV Channel members and collaborators are not allowed to enter the contest.
-MOC entries need to be posted in the LEGO Creations category, Art entries need to be posted in the Artwork category, and Music entries must be posted in the Videos category.

You have from today, October 22nd, 2018 to November 5th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EDT to enter. We wish you the best of luck, and look forward to seeing what you have in store!

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Okay, this is e :b:ic

I can’t wait to see what people create! Being the winner of a spinner is pretty cool : p


I’m entering.

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Oh,I have to get the make something in art or music, i already have the golden dragon master :laughing:

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Does the prize ship internationally to any country in the world, or is it just US only? (like most contests of this type usually are)…

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hmmmmmmmm…, interesting


I think this is actually the first official contest since I joined! I’m gunning for Kai.
Edit: forgot about Brickonicle. That happened.

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So it has to have a dragon and a ninja?

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Yes, it does in fact say that it has to have a dragon and a ninja in it. The way you show them though is up to you


There’s a music category?

Count me in.

(gotta relisten to the TV soundtrack now)


So is artwork only drawn artwork, or can it be lego artwork? for example a mosaic?

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Does the music category include songs, instrumentals, or both?


I’d love to enter if I actually had my system pieces up with me.

Perhaps I can do something with ccbs…


Oh, boy. I am definitely entering this contest. Once I have my homework and Halloween costume done, that is.

I already have the Kai Dragon Master, from SDCC, and it is sort of the only Dragon Master that I currently have, but I’ll enter the Art Contest, anyway.

Sadly, I’m not skilled enough to enter the Music one, so I won’t really be able to get Cole.

Fortunately, though, I already have some MOCs and Artwork in mind, that I’m gonna use for my entries. So, I’m definitely going to enter those two.

Provided I have time, I’m doing the Mech Dragon and Kryptor

(Does Kryptor count as a Ninja?)

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I’m tempted to do the music one, just for fun.
Would it be okay if I incorporated some of the original song into my version somehow? Not an exact copy, but just a part that is the original theme, with some added bits.

Ninjago, Dragons and LDD allowed, I just have to enter!
I hope I can finish my MOC in time

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So does young Wu count as a ninja?


He does not.

I’d say keep it around 10 seconds total of the original.


Mosaic would count as a MOC.

I’d say international is good to go this go around.


Oh well. Still gonna draw him. Just not for the contest