Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle


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@Eljay can we include characters named in books (Gar, Botar, Helryx, etc) or would you prefer actual set characters for names?

Ideally, set characters. However I will allow characters from books as they are canon.

Also, Botar is a combo model, so he has an appearance. =P

Yeah yeah. :slight_smile: I’m loving this challenge! It’s a great excuse to learn Thanks!

I started with… but, 3 hours into my build, it crashed and corrupted my save… nothx


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failure to me


Looks pretty great, honestly! This is the kind of System Bionicle I would love to see, using Mixel joints and all that sort of stuff.

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@Square Oh I didn’t know people were gonna do this. I thought they meant minifig scale sets…

@its_me_klc LOL is that why you asked me how to use Bluerender? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know if Brickonicle has actual sets like in the contest I am all of system Bionicle.

Also I will start my entry once I’m done my finals.

Your titan Makuta scales pretty well with my protector sized Ekimu and Makuta.

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Yup! Still weird seeing you anywhere else but… “That one community” :eyes:


Hey, another question about the rules.
(I looked over the topic and didn’t see anyone ask this so I’ll ask it)
Are we allowed multiple entries?
And if not, are we allowed to enter multiple sets in one entry? (For example, say we wanted to design an entire wave of sets…)

Eljay answered this in the first post:


Completely missed that.

So, I now have an entry!

It’s nothing too special; essentially just a Modification to a certain scene from the Bionicle comic Valley of Fear.

Sorry here’s the real entry!


While we are limited to canon characters of Gen 1 and 2, can we mix them? For instance can a Toa and a Turaga be going up against a Skull villian?

Yes, that is fine.

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Here is my entry.

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Are “Alternate-Update” allowed? I won’t make a separate post, but will do different modification from my current model by comment.