Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

Here mine.

Here you go, my entry into the contest:

As it stands, any entry will be judged based on what it looked like when it was entered. So no modifications will be valid in terms of the contest. If you would like to make separate posts in your topic to display them, then that is alright, however no edits to your preexisting entry are allowed.

To clarify, an entry is considered “entered” when it’s posted in this topic here.


There’s my entry. I purposely spelled the title wrong. The thread says why. Don’t forget to see the additional pictures. They are important.

Another question, Eljay:
Did you ever specify the time zone of the due date?
Like, is the deadline February 4th, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, Central Time, etc.?

I hadn’t, but that is gonna be the end time. I’ll add it, thank you for reminding me!


You’re welcome!

Oooh, my fingers are tingling with the posibilities, sidenote, if I get first prize, but don’t want the set, could I theoretically bestow it apon a friend?

My entry! TTV Brickonicle Contest Entry - Gukko Bird Defense


This is another thing - can the first prize be a $40 LEGO Gift card or something?

So, here is my entry. Hope you all enjoy!

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you should order 40 dollar worth of black axcels

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My entry is here: click me hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

My second entry for the contest, which has been pretty fun :blush:

This is my first entry to this contest.

Got one set done, I’ll be back to show the rest.

second entry


My second entry for the brickonicle contest! Probably my last, but you never know! This took almost a week to build (because I only had like 2 hours a day during the week to work on it). Enjoy!

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Alright this is embarassing

Where is the new post button on the forum? I don’t usually go on TTV :grin:

“Read FAQ” oh haha thanks for the reward :stuck_out_tongue:

On the home page there should be a big fat plus sign in the bottom right.