Oh goodness...

I was cleaning through physical and digital images, and found some things I did for photoshop class some years ago. lets just say they arent the best.

some alternate version of the phantoka thing (you have to look hard to find all the changes. let me know if you think you found all of them)

an “orange” version of the axlara. I dont think its orange now that i’ve seen it years later, but hey, Im colorblind

and a “out of bounds” project. I think it went well, but If I could, I definitely would go back and clean it up some more

I have more if anyone wants to see them, but not much. unfortunately no, I don’t have photoshop for myself, and nor will I be making anything with it for quite a while (if ever)


These are actually pretty neat. The Axelara is Red by the way, same red as Tahu.


thanks, I didnt know 100% which topic it should be in.
and I knew the axlara was red, but I for some reason wanted to make it orange.
is it actually orange? or some other color? let me know please

It looks more yellow to me, compared to orange.

Then again, yellow and orange are similar.

ok, thanks. I originally thought it was orange, but now that I look at it it kind of looks yellow.
and being colorblind, I’m not sure

I actually think these are pretty cool!

Yep, it definitely looks more yellow than orange, but it’s got a slight tint of orange there. My first thought when I saw it is that you pulled a Limited Edition Jetrax on the Axelara.

I unintentionally revealed to my future college roommate earlier this year that Waluigi is actually purple, so I get it.


to me it looks like Keetorange, the same color as Keetongu, Toa Ignika and Mata Nui.

ok, thanks

I found this, it wasn’t with the others, but I remember doing it. I had to make something look like a pencil sketch, but messing around, I accidentally put the color back in. this is the result. (yes its my profile picture)

Lewa, Antroz is that way buddy

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oh, for anybody who cant tell (which wouldnt surprise me because its so small), I fixed kopaka’s eye color

Looking at the poster, I finally realized Vamprah and Antroz don’t have Matoran on their backs, so I dunno how they’re able to pursue Lewa, but oh well, just a nitpick.

oh yeah, your right. hm