Ohura, The Reverse Lynis Mk 1

There are stories about the Makuta most don’t know. They have advanced their machines and intellect since Teridax’s fall.
Lynis had encountered an abandoned experiment, upon touching it, Ohura was ripped from the back of his own conscious and has inhabited his body as a alternate Personality.

This is my first time trying this and I’ll except any feedback possible


It’s alright. I feel like the colors need a bit of work, especially in the way you placed them.

Otherwise, this is pretty neat.

Also the spikes on his back look kinda odd…


You did a good job replicating the rahkshi’s back.

@Saxton Remember this only Mk 1

The spikes were trying to represent ice, failed I guess.

@tahtorak Yeah, it’s reverse Lynis, so Rahkshi back all the way

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The distribution of white could be better, but I like.

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The MOCs build is really neat, but the colours could use some work, and the technic connectors in the lower legs look awkward and break up the overall textures of the MOC.

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Well, the Rahkshi head does work in this situation. Good job.

The limbs ought to have some more white to match the head, though. And the spine doesn’t really remind me that much of a Rahkshi spine. You should be able to make something that looks more like a spiked spine using those long talon pieces that clip into CCBS shells. Lastly, not as concerned with this as the other two points, but the weapon he has ought to have a longer shaft, if not be double-bladed like most Rahkshi staves.

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this gave me so much mortal kombat vibes. great moc!
EDIT: i would also like it if you use more white.

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Okay, but I gotta say something though. I know I should use a longer staff for the weapon, but I like swords. So sword. But I like the staff idea. Thanks.