Okeanós. Toa of Water.

Who says a Toa of water can’t use a mask of levitation? That blue Miru is boss.

The shoulders are 3D printed. But not from Shapeways. A random Instagramer offered to print me some super high quality parts for way less than Shapeways. So I took him up on it. They came out great. Still a bit too expensive imo though ($9 each). And they don’t take paint very well either. So they’re a half shade off the official blue. Bummer.

Originally I had a different torso build. I think it was too small though. Here’s a pic.


Kanohi always look better in blue :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, great job! The shoulder armor pieces look really nice, and the addition of the turbines on her back is a nice touch. Also, I actually like the original torso design!


This moc is awesome! 9/10, legs could be better

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Indeed. The legs are super weird. I wanted them to be light bluish gray, and that was the only part I could think of.

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That leg design is spicy, and the spear is simple but good. And I think I like the original torso more, either way, great job as usual.


Wow this looks absolutely fantastic!
I really like that original smaller torso for some reason, the look it gives with the legs really strikes a chord with me.
Well done!


Nice work with the shoulder armor pieces. They look amazing. Did you design them?

Also, I agree. The torso did need to be bigger. The current one looks great.

Very nice, but it doesn’t really resemble a Toa of Water to me.

I kinda prefer the smaller torso tbh, accurate proportions are already out with those legs, and I just think it looks a bit more cohesive :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! I didn’t design the shoulders. They’re by a guy named Galva on Thingverse.

Edit: I originally listed them under the wrong designer. But it’s definitely Galva.

Excellent, as always! Those printed pieces are sick, and the Miru is a good choice of Kanohi (although I do think you’re right about it not being as suited to Water Toa–there is something very masculine about it, perhaps the expression). The sparse use of trans-light blue is also very effective–it makes me think of those parts being charged by her Elemental Power. The legs are unusual, but they are well-covered, so that’s good. I also like the fingers quite a bit, as they match well with the very mechanical, greebly aesthetic you utilize in the rest of the MOC.

My only suggestion (in terms of the current, longer torso) would be to replace one of these TECHNIC bushings in the waist area:

with something like one of these:

That way, you could cover up the lower body with an armor piece, just so it doesn’t look as bare as it does right now…

Wonderful work, as always!

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We can all have our own opinions, but I’m just wondering, why? It’s blue, has a trident, and even has water turbines on his back. The legs are the only thing I could see as not being water-ish, but even then, I still think they work.


Some lovely designs going on here!

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Thanks! That’s a good suggestion. I will try it and post a pic.

Also I totally made a mistake earlier when I said the shoulders were designed by KhingK. They’re not. They’re designed by a user named Galva on Thingverse.