So the first three sets of Bionicle 2015 I got where Pohatu Kopaka and Tahu. Kopaka and Tahu felt way too big and Pohatu was ok. Later I realized I loved the Protector build. Now I have Onua too and this happened:

So now you may be wondering why this isn't in Lego creations. This is in artwork because I plan on taking pictures of the Toa/Masters doing memorable poses or doing memorable things (Like Pohatu and Kopaka fighting a muaka)
The pic above is me trying to recreate the image on the back of the first couple of books. Obviously it isn't complete cause it's missing two Toa. But anyway I wholeheartedly recommend making protector sized Masters because their fun easy small and allow you to moc with all the awesome parts from the sets. (I may post the Mocs themselves if requested) P.s. sorry the pic is blurry.


Well, pictures or no, they are of mocs you've made, so it's gonna have to go there. Sorry!


Ok I'll move it sory

No worries, all taken care of! smiley Keep it up!


Once again, Pohatu can't keep his armor symmetrical with others stuck_out_tongue


So just an example of one of the reasons I recommend doing this you're self:

It's pretty much just a crappy Wehnua ccbs revamp (Who I would pick over onua character wise any day.) So yeah I know that's a little off topic but I also uploaded it so you could maybe get a sense of how large these guys are (If you don't own any protector sized guys)
Oh and do you think I should make Nuju also and maybe make some pics of things they've done?
(Also sorry about the crappy pic both location and blurriness I was too lazy to get the tripod and move to my shelf)

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Those gauntlets look so huge on the mini Onua XD


Jang just uploaded a chibi Tahu video and i immediately thought of this.

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