Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga (Sign-ups)

You better.:dizzy_face:Jk

Also Azure would be suprised by the name change since she is on one of Okotos highest peaks right now.


Name: Colexian (Colex on short)
Element: Fire
Equipment: a small twin blade

Bio: Colex is a small Okotan , he is nice to other people and wants to help them in his “silent way”


He is not a Ta Matoran, but an Okotoan. Also you don’t need to say that he will die.


Name: Dakron
Element: stone
Equipment: large shield and a scythe
Appearance: small and a little beefy. Colors are orange and dark brown. He has small silver details on his armor.
Bio: Dakron is mute and blind, but fluent in a little-known sign language and has a walking stick with him. He is very cautious and slow, although he can move very fast. He was blind since birth, and an accident rendered him mute. Very perceptive with the senses of hearing, touch, and smell. Cannot read books, but he does enjoy creating “story patterns,” little drawings that tell a story.


So must they all be midget size characters or can they be tall? @jayzor17

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@jayzor17, here’s Blaze!

Name: Blaze, Apprentice of Ekimu

Elements: Fire but has trace levels of Light from his heritage that have been increased to minimal levels (can interact with Light Element but that’s about it) due to a crude infusion of an Elemental Crystal he did on himself.

Equipment: Spyglass, Shield that can act as a lavaboard, swords that look like Tahu master’s golden swords (swords and shield have Fire Element infusions), Masks (doesn’t really have one that has a specific power but can wield them), a red Mask Maker’s Hammer fashioned to look reminiscent to Makuta’s before his fall from grace, had the Golden Armor which made the user immune to elemental damage but didn’t give significant boosts to physical defense.

Appearence: Is rather tall for an Okotan, standing about a head taller than the average person. He wears red and gold armor that homages the armor Tahu had when he first arrived on the island over 20 years ago. He has red eyes and is kinda thin too.


(Blaze front)

(Blaze with 1 sword; please don’t mind the wonky image if it’s warped in some way.)

Bio and Personality: Can be easygoing and bit childlike when not in a serious scenario. He gets pretty serious when in a fight and when working on Masks of Power. He tries his best to see the good in others and help out people in any way he can.

His parents, Korā and Icar, are teachers and ‘retired’ archaeologists respectively. They live in the Mask Makers’ City.

He inherited his father’s love of learning and history while also inheriting some of his mother’s infamous temper. He also has a notebook that he inherited from his father when he came of age: it contains notes about Masks of Power and related lore surrounding them. Each generation of Icar’s family has added to this journal and Blaze is no exception, having recorded his adventures in it with some notes on Masks and their making. He also has an Ancient Tome he received from a very mighty friend upon reuniting him with his brother and them leaving to prevent absolute chaos from happening.

Within this tome is ancient knowledge from the Ancient Mask Makers when there were six, one for each region/tribe, and there are many notes on various methods of Mask Making such as the combination of multiple Elements and even the use of Shadows and Light just to name a couple.

After the events of Makuta’s return he has a few scores to settle (from least damaging to most): he has to try and repair things with Kryuna and help her recover from what happened to her brother, he wants retribution for Geet’s murder, he seeks to bring the Queen of Skull Spiders to justice for her crimes and wishes to see the various Masks of Power returned to safety.

In the aftermath of Makuta’s return, he devoted himself to learning the ancient art of Mask Making and seeks to try and find ways to safely combine and utilize more than one element’s power in them, his eventual goal is to possibly make a stable Mask of Ultimate Power on the condition his research and experiments show it is not only possible but feasible; otherwise, he will accept such a mask is not to be crafted. His main reason for wanting to be a Mask Maker is that he wants to help folks in any way he can and sees that making masks would enable him to do that in a greater way that he otherwise could.

He has developed a close relationship with Rena, a bounty hunter he had befriended in his last adventure. He helps her with equipment maintainence and upgrades while being a listening ear and as good a friend as he can to her. He will say he and her are just friends because that’s how he sees their relationship: two good friends that enjoy spending time together.

Over the past three years, he has made some progress in his Multi-Element Mask experiments but that is exaggerating a little. The issues with Element combination are multifold and would take a while to really explain and longer to understand but progress is progress and another step in the learning process.

(The images are of my Self-MOC which I am in the process of acquiring the pieces to make him without salvaging from my sets. The MOUP on his face is the design by Cyber-hand and is the Villager Size version that can be ordered from Shapeways; I highly recommend it if you want a cool G2 mask)


Excuse me but could you clarify?

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they are usually just normal matoron, so they aren’t midgets to everyone else in the world.


So the Okotans are small yes? Protector size matoran size and all that, but must they be small or can they actually be tall like a toa for example a standard tall size, you get what I am trying to say?

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They are protector size, yes.

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I believe the words you’re looking for are “villagers” and “Toa.” I would ask that new characters be villagers.

This kind of stuff is still against the rules, you know. If he’s doing it, he’s hiding it from Ekimu. And if Ekimu finds out, well… you saw what happened to the last person that tried.


Can they be tall, that is my question, like toa size maybe?

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I know it’s against the rules. The experiments would need to be conducted in a controlled environment to minimize any damage they cause. Plus, Blaze would definitely seek advice on this from both Ekimu and the Ancient Tome. I think @Runa was okay with this idea but I would need to double check to be sure.

If Ekimu says no, he’ll try to not do any such experiments. However, there is the capability of the combination of more than one element…in theory. My idea is that it depends on the person using the mask and finding a way to balance the ‘natures’ of the participating forces.

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Name: The Collected

Element: Unknown, he has so far shown aspects from multiple elements, including shadow, and various abilities of unknown relation to any Okotan accessible element.

Equipment: A custom made shoulder cannon, which, despite it’s archaic design, one that nearly seems like it would be more fitted to launching stones, fires condensed shadow ‘bullets’.
A scythe with a large, ornate blade, a carving of a dragon-esque beast carved on both sides.
A cracked sword from which flames emanate.
A mask based scope attachment that appears to allow Collected see distances of unimaginable length.
A chain long enough he managed to wrap it around each of his limbs and torso, and from which blasts of wind can be fired from with great enough motion, to the point of allowing The Collected to even achieve a form of limited, and slow flight.
A pair of nearly crystal-esque, translucent-purple wrist gauntlets that upon being struck together release a pulse of near physical noise.
A pair of metallic foot covers which appear to grant great speed to their wieldler
A silver Okotan mask, blue patterns painted across it, and with what appears to be the ability to control and summon fog complete The Collected’s known arsenal.

The composition of the blue ‘paint’ is unknown, but it has shown no wear despite the visible age it, and each of the items the Collected is known for using have.

Appearance: A pitch black Okotan, typically seen cloaked, and when not/beneath it constantly wielding/having equipped each of the above listed items, and with eyes that carry a hauntingly dead and lifeless feel from the near milkly look, and seemingly grayed out, if not at times fully enshrouded with a shadowy black colouring they carry.

Bio/Personality: Who The Collected is, or once was, is unknown, the only parts of him that stand out enough for possible identification (when visible at least) are his fingers and toes, each having been filed to a sharp tip, and his worn, heavily patched, partially runic covered, and oddly ornamental looking armour.
All that is known is that he is seeking something, something dangerous, something of power great enough that in the wrong hands could possibly carry the ability to even free Makuta.


Nope. Think of it like humans; some humans are taller, some humans are shorter, but no human is twice as tall as literally everyone else. So you could have them be unusually tall if you really felt like it; Blaze for example is about a head taller than average. But no villager can be Toa-height.

If Ekimu okayed this when Runa was in control, I’ll roll with it. If not, this is an ancient law that turned Makuta evil and got him banished. I’d imagine Ekimu would be extremely opposed to this.


Can’t I make a Toa?

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Nope; no Toa.


Okay…I’ll let you know if I came up with a character.

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I thought you weren’t going to make something akin to a Living Mask this time.

@jayzor17, Remember Ekimu’s words when he retold when Makuta put on the MOUP? He said that if Makuta were more pure of heart, it might’ve affected him differently. Plus, the Jungle-fire combo mask could be seen as something that worked. It was able to bring forth a better crop on the tree and the flames got a bit, okay a lot; out of hand and crispy-crittered the tree. The silver lining is that there is potential to refine and tweak the ratios of the elements to balance them out. Makuta was probably impatient because he wanted to finally be recognized as more than just Ekimu’s Brother; to not have to feel jelpus of his success because he had some success of his own.

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From what I can recall, no, this never occurred directly. Ekimu took him under an ‘apprenticeship’ that never developed, but no Masks of Ultimate Power were discussed as far as I’m aware.