Okotan Adventures: The Adventure Continues

“Hey,” She would hear a ragged shout coming from Kryuin’s direction. “You’r not done with me yet.”

Echo snaps out of it when he sees blaze rush into the fight, and rushed to his side while he could. He looks at the wound, was there even a way to fix that!?

He steps between her and Kryuin, “We do not seek war, we seek to defend our homes and what we hold dear.” He told her as he handed Kryuin a small first aid kit.

Those who had met Korā, Blaze’s mother, would see a similar rage in his eyes to when she really got mad.

Kryuin ignored Blaze, and turned to Echo, taking off his scarf and handed it to him. “Give it to Athena, tell her to remember me.” He said softly. Knowing that he only had a little bit of energy left, he charged the Queen, shouting over his shoulder as he did. “Now run! Don’t let my sacrifice be in vain!”

Blaze shoves him back, “You can tell her yourself!” He said.

“Echo!” He calls, “Get him out of here and to Athena!”

Echo winces when he says “tell her to remember me”. He looks at his brother in combat and grips his ax. “When have I abandoned you in combat? Do you really think i’d stop now?”

Skyll knocks him to the side with the flat of her blade. “Out of my way, pest! Let me finish what I started.” She struts towards Kryuin. “What a poor little thing. Let me put you out of your misery.

“I need some one to look after my sister, please, do that for me, and you can’t do it if you’re dead. NOW GET OUT OF HERE BOTH OF YOU!” Kryuin slashed at the queen with furry.

Blaze puts his sword and shield together and struck the ground and essentially set off a flashbang blast and grabbed Kryuin and Echo, trying to tell them to get out.

Pheore recoils, both of her swords snapping back to a defensive position. Lync hears the crack and lunges into a low tackle, smashing into the back of one of Pheore’s knees and sending the two villagers down in a tangle of limbs.

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Echo remembers the promise he made to protect Kryuna and thinks for a second.


He pauses, a hint of…something that could best be describes as guilt, as if a life long lie had been surfaced, and it was audible in his voice. “It’s Hiraeth, by the way.”

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She blocks many slashed, the ones she doesn’t leaving scratches on her metal clad abdomen. She takes a stride in beside him and slashes backwards at her side with her staff full force.

“Get away from my friends!” Blaze yelled as he tackled her.

@BlackBeltGamer98 Kryuin tore himself away from Blaze’s grasp and engaged the Queen in battle. The staff hit him, and he was sent to the ground. He heard Echo’s voice, his name. This gave him strength, and a the faintest of smiles creepep across his face. He rose again, bleeding, battered, his mask digging into his face, but standing. “Blaze, leave.”

Spiders get in his way, tackling him, but not going for his face.

Skyll turned to face Kryuin. “You don’t die easily, do you?” She asked. She walks in his direction nonchalantly once more.

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“It’s my job now to protect you guys and Okoto; now, get going!” He said.

“Would you all kindly get off?!” He yells, causing his shield to ignite in an effort to get the Spiders off of him.

“No, guess I don’t.” Kryuin said, gasping for air. He ran at her with all his might and made one final slash with both blades aimed at her mask, hoping to nock it off.

Kryuna sat in a tavern in the capital of the region of ice. She had to go to the market that day to sell some pelts, and decided to stop in. A villager burst through the doors, out of breath. “Th-the mask makers city, it’s under attack!” He said. Kryuin! Kryuna gets up and bolts out of the tavern toward the nearest gucko bird and flys off in the direction of the city.

She extended her staff out towards him. “Well, you still do.”

OOC how did she react to this?[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:3675, topic:45526”]
He ran at her with all his might and made one final slash with both blades aimed at her mask, hoping to nock it off.

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OOC: I was going to reveal the effect of the attack when she turned to her next opponent, but it did hurt her. She extended her staff towards him like a thrust, trying to get him to basically run into it.

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