Okotan Adventures: The Adventure Continues

Last we saw our heroes, they had been in a mountain in the Region of Water, in between a fight of two brothers of ultimately ancient proportions, while at the same time working to find the Dimensional Chain, a relic capable of pulling a creature through dimensions, so to keep it from the new forces of Makuta, such as the deceived Toa of Time and Space, the genius Okotan victim of circumstance and manipulation, Erisan, and the ancient army threat, the Soulless, on top of his old forces. This is where we meet them…

Vinazu watched the fight, sketching down the Lord of Undying Storm.

Izin reaches into his pack for a mask, but pain shot through him. He still hadn’t healed from the encounter with Eric.

Hitora held his ground, ready to jump any which way he needed.

Nuuma went up into the ruined temple in which the Dimensional Chain supposedly was. He found that inside was devoid of water, so he dropped his swimming device and ran deeper into the temple.

Tempus, Locus, and Erisan swam up to the temple. “Soulless Knight said he’d be bringing his army this way soon. Let’s hope we don’t need it.” Erisan said.


Kavix stands in the midst of the chaos.

“This is not how I thought this day would go,” he states.

My characters were with the others. Valdin turned his head to face Blaze.
@BlackBeltGamer98 “Why are we staying here?! Let’s go before they crush us!”

“And let the island fall to a black ice age?” He replied.

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IC: Kavix was with Blaze.

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“And what can we do?!”

“We can try to get the chain and keep The Storm busy and help protect Okoto that way?” Blaze asked before turning to face the Storm. (@Ghidora131)

“Then let’s get the Chain!”

“Yeah, we’re a little outmached against an elemental,” Kavix agrees.

OOC: Where is the chain?

OOC: underwater somewhere. Nuuma’s already looking in a promising spot.

IC: “I can at least try to help The Core.” Blaze said, subtly reminding them he is protected from Elemental Attacks now.

Azure returns to the surface, “This is just great!” She exclaims.

Kavix waits for the others to make a decision.

Rena asked.
OOC: I use ?! because I presume that there is a lot of noise from the battle.

He taps his armor.

“Look, Blaze! A simple armor that absorbs elemental attacks can’t stop him!”

“It negates his elemental attacks, actually,” Kavix points out.

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Tarkur reaches the surface and sees the two beings, “I think we should split up and regroup at some place else!” He calls out to the group, “Some of us will have to 'fend them of while the rest makes a run for it.” He continues, “For those who stay and fight if you get an opening run for it!” He concludes

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“Smart man!” Kavix compliments.

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“Thanks but we’ll need to be quick about this if it should succeed.” Tarkur replies