Okotan Adventures: The Dark (Signups)

I have all the better ones


Ilya = toxic boi
Jawa = toxic positivity boi

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I wouldn’t have it any other way

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this is a bionicle rp, winger



I’ll get to responding later today.

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return of the king

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ok return of the one person we needed to proceed but still hold in a position less than royalty

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Quick question @Winger: What’s in the bottle?

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Ilya doesn’t quite know, so I thought I’d let you decide. I was thinking something along the lines of incendiary acid, acidic liquid, or blinding gas or something.

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I imagine Jaawu already has far above average strength, and he has to be getting a mad adrenaline rush right now. and we’ve all heard about how people can lift cars when that stress juice be pumpin’. just saying.

Dispell this notion. It was not listed in his signup and I will not be retconning it in simply because he is attempting to save himself.

Stone Okotans do have higher strength than the average Okotan due to their element, but the difference isn’t that massive.

i could’ve sworn i put that in there
well, i haven’t seen the actual topic yet, so let’s see if he’s dead

to be fair that would work pretty well to heat something up.

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internally hits head
i’ll edit it
Edit: alright fixed it

So I’m going to need a few more specifics as to what is occurring here. Is he waving his sword on the ground or in the air?

It’s like a sharp jerk of the wrist.
uh does this work

Well there appears to be a misunderstanding about how the sword operates between the two of us.

So I will now use my not overpowered at all and completely fair and unbiased gm powers to clarify the sword must be making physical contact with whatever it is heating up or cooling down. This way it isn’t just a magic wand, but is still one of the most powerful weapons in OA.

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