Okotan Adventures

He shrugs, "Well, I'm sure that question will be answered in due time." He looks at the others, "Not from around here, are you?" He asks. He readjusts his worker's pack as it felt a bit off-balance.

"Eh, i spent most of my early childhood in the jungle region"

"Fire Region but I moved here to make a bit of a living and to live where I don't risk falling into a lava pit every few steps." He chuckles at the last part, signaling that was a joke. "Need to find a place to drop your things off while in town?" He asks the group.

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"im good" Echo had virtually nothing with him besides his axe and the armor on his figure. The skull spider on his mask stood out

"If it isn't too personal, is that a Skull Spider?" He asks, his right hand hidden but near his sword hilt.

Echo sighs and rips it off, revealing it had no legs, or any organs, anything of the sort. it had been hollowed out

Izin walks in and sees the strangely upbeat stranger. He tries to pass by without contact.

Vinazu looks upon a large building, doorway open to the air, revealing a large table surrounded by chairs. β€œI guess this is it.” He says to himself, swinging his grappling hook in a small circle, the other end wrapped around his waist.

Lync moves quickly through the jungle, familiar with the terrain. Still, she's going to be travelling late into the night. Thankfully the night only brings a beautiful moon and a sky full of stars these days - not like the last time she had gone on an adventure. It was a nice change.

"Phew." He breathes a relieved sigh.

He notices the other newcomers. "Well, and make that the third newcomer." He addresses the Ice Tribesman(?) "What brings you here to the City of Mask Makers?" He greets with a smile. Okay, this thing's really getting heavy. He thinks as he gets his pack adjusted again to balance it.

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Izin looks, his icy blue eyes baring into him. He holds up a paper, his letter. β€œThis.” He says.

"Ah," He says then gives clear directions to the meeting house(?) from the city gates. He bids him a cheerful farewell and heads off to the workers' hub to drop his things off and report his findings. "Alrightio, foreman." He addresses the guy he gave his pack to. "The district you had me check is definitely fixable but there are a few Skull Spiders and Skull Warriors in these areas," He points to a few spots on the map in the area he was in. "You'll probably want a few squadrons max with any workers going there to fix it all up." He finishes. He seemed to be wanting to be somewhere soon.

Man, this guy is way too upbeat. He must be heaving a great day Echo thinks to himself

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Tekan stalked into the city, emerging from the forest with his cloak wrapped around himself and his scythe in hand, only his eyes, and their toxic green glare, discernible from within the hood.
"Great. An invite by our all powerful Ekimu. Can't wait to see how 'important' this must be for his messenger to actually deliver it to me." He muttered, walking throughout the crowds, which parted quickly once they sighted the unnerving figure, as he headed towards where he thought the meeting hall was.

Echo slips away from the stranger, making his way towards the figure

As Tekan walked he caught sight of the other Oko-toran heading towards him.
"Great. He better not be trying to sell me something." Tekan thought, scowling again as he continued to move, slowing down.

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Echo walks besides him, not bothering to say much more than a simple "hello"

"Good to see you're not a vendor." Tekan replied gruffly, tilting his head to look at Echo, the outline of an oddly shaped mask just visible within his hood.

"yeah, thats something i really wouldnt be able to do. Hell. no."

"Good. I've already dealt with enough of them the last time I was in a city." Tekan replied, facing forward. "Like the mask."