Okotans and Turaga Drawing Project

A small drawing project I decided to do try out my G2 Turaga mask designs. All the Turaga with a respective character from G2. In hindsight, I find it kind of ironic that I went for an Okotan Lhikan and Turaga Jovan when Jovan never got a Turaga design shown. shrugs


These sketches look really nice! I would love to see them cleaned and coloured.

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Dude, these look awesome!

These are great sketches along with great proportions

Makuta and Duma just looks so evil together! I love it all!

but dume isn’t evil

I know dude himself isn’t evil but he kinda got possessed.

Uh… No Makuta Teridax disguise as Duma, while the real guy was in a Matoran Pod.

True, I guess Duma’s look is evil, seeing as we see his “body” acting as the villain all throughout Bionicle 2

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These are very detailed figures. I was quite disappointed that g2 didn’t have turaga.

these Look really nice, I like them!

Even though the Protectors were kind of like the Turaga of G2 it is Interesting to see the Original Turaga in the Style.

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