Okotian Engineer

An Okotan villager.
He made the jetpack for real, but the armor is just for looks.


what's going on with his finger, looks really cool


Wow, this is really cool and gives off a very samura-esque feel; looks really nice. I have just one complaint: Engineer?
Honestly I cant't really see and engineer and okotian Samurai would be a much more fitting name.
Despite that this looks amazing and love the wings and the helmet design.
(get on this Ven)

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I'm getting a samurai vibe from the actual figure, and I like it.

He's an engineer, he's just wearing a costume.

are you sure? I think you just wanted to make a samurai but you wanted to give him a occupation

a really cool looking nerd tho

Very cool.
I especially like the style of the jetpack.

I love the style of it. I can really imagine seeing this in Okoto.

Awesome work!


Wants. Needs. Must haves.


i know. its so cool.

This is really awesome, what a wonderful idea!

Nuparu 2.0

Nifty. The japanese Takua Okotan's design is really cool. The design of the glider is especially innovative.

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Nya what in the world are you doing?
The gold and red give this figure alot of flair and it works.

Dunno about the helmet, it kind of looks like it's floating above the head instead of resting on it. The rest looks great.

Looks cool

This is lovely. Full of character, well designed. The finger position in that third to last photo though... Very awkard.

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That is an awesome MOC.

Hey look buddy, I'm an okotan, that means I solve problems