Okoto Beseiged (An Original Bionicle Fanfiction)

Hey guys! This is my first ime posting a real yarn on these boards. There may be some canon errors, but please overlook these mistakes, as this is a non-canonical tale. Comments and criticisms appreciated, and if I get enough likes, I’ll continue the story!
Here we go. Join me as we journey to the island of…

An island of mysteries and adventure, divided into six villages - Ta-Koto, Ga-Koto, Le-Koto, Onu-Koto, Po-Koto, and Ko-Koto.
The island was peaceful. Which, for Voku, made it extremely dull.
“Nothing ever happens around here,” The Jungle villager grumbled as he kicked a rock across the smooth sands of the Ga-Koto beach. A Water villager named Maru followed him closely. She was looking about nervously, as if expecting a meteor to hit them at any moment.
“Voku!” She whispered urgently, though no one was near, “It’s after curfew! We have to get back inside the village or else - or else the Skull Spiders will get us!”
“Pfffft,” Voku spat, laughing, “There’s no such thing as Skull Spiders. Look, I’ll ask Gali over there. She’ll tell you!”
Voku ran towards the tall blue figure sitting upon one of the shore-boulders near the sea, Maru in tow. Upon reaching the Toa, the emerald villager said loudly,
“Hey, are there Skull Spiders on this island or not?”
The blue figure turned slowly, a large, menacing grin spreading across his face.
“Why, I really don’t know.” He said slowly. “Are there?”
Maru pulled Voku back reflexively, and began to analyze the azure thing’s surroundings. The Ga-Kotoian noticed a large silver canister lying nearby. The container looked like it had been ripped apart from the inside.
“No, no, no,” The stranger cooed in a horrific attempt at a calming tone of voice, “Come here, little ones. I will not hurt you. I am… I am a Toa! Yes! Do not be afraid!”
“Er… We already have a Toa ‘kay thanks bye!” Maru yelled in one breath as she began to pull Kovu away, running as fast as she could.
“You’ve got it all wrong. Nobody escapes the Beast.” The figure stood, drawing a harpoon cannon. “And by the way - the name’s Vezok, squirts.”
The Beast was about to fire on the villagers when he was thrown to the ground by another being. Gali, Uniter of Water, towered over the prostrate Skakdi.
“Get off my island, whoever you are” She said, looking angrier than she ever had.
“Oh, I don’t think so.” Vezok turned around and kicked the Toa away with his powerful legs. “I like this place. It’s got great scenery, decent real estate, and lots of little squishies to enslave.”
“They are not your slaves!” Gali sprang back, ramming her spear into the Skakdi’s chestplate. “You will never command this land, you filthy… piraka!”
Vezok slid backwards, brushing off the blow as if it was a Nui-Rama baby. “That’s it! That’s what we were called.The Piraka.”
“What are you talking about?!” Gali was becoming more and more confused, but she continued to attack her foe, as the adversary continued to allow her closer.
“I’m talking about the death of your world.” Vezok laughed as his eyes emitted red beams that struck the Toa and forced her to her knees. The Uniter of Water quickly blacked out, and the last sight she saw was the imprints she made in the sand as she was dragged away.

The Next Morning…

“WOOHOO!” Lewa whooped as he swung from vine to vine through the Le-Koto jungles. “I am the best Toa ever!”
The Uniter of Jungle had just left his village Protector’s hut, and was making headway back to the village itself when a sudden swarm of protodites flew straight into his mask.
“ACK!” Lewa cried, letting go of his vine and falling to the rainforest floor. “Pluh! Blech! What was that?”
“That was me, you imbecile!” A voice spoke from within the cloud of bugs. “Gah! You didn’t swallow any of me, did you?!”
“I - I don’t think so…” The verdant Toa stared in amazement as the insects before him came together to form a grim, green, grimacing figure. “You aren’t from around here, are you?”
“Of course not, moron!” The irritable being screeched. “Why would I ever come from this absolutely horrible dump!”
“Hey, now that’s going too far…” Lewa said angrily, drawing his emerald blades and advancing on the other.
“Look at me! I used to be Piraka Zaktan! A leader! Such power! Now I’m stuck on this Mata-Nui-forsaken floating hunk of NOTHING!”
Lewa attacked, swinging one blade at Zaktan’s face, but the Skakdi ducked, sticking out a leg and tripping the Toa of Jungle. Lewa landed facedown in the dirt, scrambling to get up, but his enemy began to blast his back again and again with blazing lasers. As the Uniter’s vision went dark, he heard the Piraka cry, “REIDAK?! AVAK?! … HAKANN?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

To Be Continued…?


If the Piraka could take down the Toa Nuva, (let’s face it) the Uniters stand no chance.

that cliffhanger though XD

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I don’t know if I’ll continue this or not. It’s either this or a fanfic about the Toa Mangai (That’s Toa Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet for all yew BioScrubs).

So here we go with a makeshift vote:
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I really liked this part for some strange reason. Great Fan Fiction man.

Can I responded to this without it counting as spam? Also continue this please. :+1:

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