Okoto History: A Series of Letters Between Kivoda and Izotor (Contest Entry)

Here is my entry to the literature portion of the contest. I’ve opted for a more immersive experience with actual pictures of stone tablets with writings on them. I’ve also included an index of sorts which I call the Codex. It provides definitions for terms used in the writing.

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This is cool, good job!

Should have written this in the Okotoan language. :stuck_out_tongue:

that was pretty great, I love how cold Izotor is :laughing:

I was thinking of doing that but I’m not very good with photoshop so it would have been a pain.

However I do plan to make more of these for fun and will probably include Okotoian (is that what the language is called?) versions.


That was pretty interesting

Now listen here m8! I just barely was able to learn the Matoran language and be able to read and write it fluently. I don’t need to figure out another language right after I just did!

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“Thanks for your in-depth reply”

The sarcasm is strong with this one.

Anyway, you did an excellent job of characterizing Kivoda and Izotor in just these letters. I like it.
I rate it a Takuma/TTV. You figure that one out.

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