Okoto Mafia 3 Sign Up Topic

So with half the players in Bionicle Mafia Cyan gone (not quite in Violet, those guys aren't as bloodthirsty), and the game actually fairly close to over, it's time for a...sign up list!

This one will be a bit different, however. While you can sign up to play, you can also nominate someone to be a host of the next game as well. Variety is the lifeblood of just about any game, and while Chro could certainly serve as host again, three straight trips on the MT wheel is asking for stagnation akin to New Super Mario Bros.

Also maybe if someone else hosts the stupid mafia will be nice enough to at least wait one round before killing the doctor.

Anyway, sign up away!



I'm down. Let's do this.

No idea who could/should host the next game.

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I would like to participate in this round smiley

For host, idk. This is my first time playing. Maybe a TTV host?

Depending on how many people sign up, we may not need a second host.

If no one volunteers, I'll pick someone who I think has potential and throw them on the spot.


I'll join again! This is fun!

I'll join stuck_out_tongue

Spot 2427135

I volunteer as tribute to host.
... And that took me 15 minutes to write on mobile :/*

I'm up for it again.

If we do have a second game, could I host? Guest-writing the last part of Mafia 1 was fun.

If not, I'm down to play.

Count me in.

I'll gladly host again (if you'll accept me after my repeated lapses) but it'd be fun to sit back and play one, too.

I'd... like to try.

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I'll join.

Were do I sign mt

you did not give a place to sign


You're a stupid potato.

You can't sign anything anyway



I'll play your mind games.

Why are you so mean to me


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You only hurt the ones you love



Count me in! I've had a blast over in Cyan smile