Okoto Mafia: Annihilation

A dull atmosphere held a small camp in Okoto’s mountains in its grip. Not that there was any chance of it being much better, after all, the camp’s inhabitants consisted of Skull Spider-possessed slaves, reanimated skeletons, and a couple mystics. But this particular gloom seemed somehow deeper than the normal.

The Skull Army’s campaigns had not gone well the past few months. They had control over the Ancient City, but their attempt at taking control over the Region of Water had ended disastrously, with a number of their order destroyed in an incredibly messed up attempt to rid their camp of spies, and finally scattered by four Protectors. The Skull Illusionists had come back home only to tell of their failure, and the death of the spies they had sent into the Water village.

The gloomy silence was shattered by the sight of a hulking figure, still glowing with the dark magic that had summoned it into existence, rising up and speaking. “Makuta has brought us this far, and we have suffered because of it,” he growled. “We must take the restoration of our rightful home into our own hands.”

Murmurs spread through corners of the camp, among the creatures who could actively murmur. The majority of the crowd, spiders affixed to their faces, stood stock-still and listened.

A voice was heard over the murmur - that of the Skull Shaman, one of the survivors of the disastrous expedition. “It has not been Makuta’s fault,” he said. “Our glorious leader knew of the ruin that would befall us and carried many of us to safety. You blaspheme the name of the Makuta!”

The Skull Grinder rose to his feet, and picked up his massive oversized blade. “We are ancients, older even than your precious Makuta. We are taking back our rightful home!”

Deep murmurs and suppressed shouts showed that the others of the Skull Army - a small but strong faction within the camp - agreed with the Grinder. Higher-pitched cries of dismay and anger were heard among the Skull Spidered-mass’s elites. The shouts grew to a few blows, and the blows spiraled into axe swings, headbutts and magic blasts. By the night’s end, the ancient city was torn between two factions, each now singly determined to annihilate the other.

This was unfortunate for the Skull Army as a whole, for the Protectors who had escaped from their grasp previously had returned, with aid, intent on eliminating the threat to Okoto once and for all.

#This is not a game of survival. It is a game of annihilation.


Welcome to Okoto Mafia: Annihilation. Your task here is simple: To destroy anyone and anything that opposes you.

You are part of one of three factions: the Skull Army (Red Faction), the Skull Cultists (Blue Faction), or the Protectors (Green Faction). Each faction has members with unique abilities, including those who can deduce the alignments of other members of the camp and/or murder them. The key to victory is to find out as much as you can about other players’ alignments, direct them to the players responsible for killing off enemies, and fix the executions to determine that your enemies are executed instead of your allies. In short, every player is playing like a Mafioso would in a normal game. The trick is that roles will switch between roles (e. g. in R1 Red faction will attempt a murder and Blue Faction will defend, in R2 Blue faction will attempt a murder, Red faction will defend and Protectors will use one of their special abilities, in R3 Red faction and Protectors will both attempt a murder, etc.)


Skull Slaves (?): Can vote to execute certain members of the Skull Army.

Illusionist/Skull Basher (2, 1 per major faction): Primary mafioso, who is given information about two other players before making its kill.

Skull Assassins (2, at least 1 per major faction): Secondary mafiosos that become active if the Illusionist or Skull Basher is killed.

Skull Basher/Skull Warrior (?): Defender/cop role that can learn the identity of a Mafioso if his/her defense is successful.

Spy/Skull Slicer (2, 1 per major faction): Protector/detective role that can learn the alignments and/or roles of other players.

Protectors (?): Small, tight-knit faction with multiple minor abilities.

I still don’t have as many people as I planned when I finalized the Annihilation mechanics, so sign-ups are presently still open. They will close in approximately two days, at which point roles and alignment cards will be distributed.


  1. All general TTV rules
  2. You will only get one chance to make a vote against someone. As long as you vote someone who’s not in your own faction, it shouldn’t matter much who you decide is the “culprit.”

3)In the event that someone spitefully betrays their own team, roles will be redistributed among the surviving players and information gathering will start again from scratch (or something along those lines.) If you accidentally reveal the alignment of a teammate, tough luck.

  1. In the event that a crucial role does not act when called upon, the game master reserves the right to animate their character’s body and act on their behalf.

Player List:

DarkTakanuva (Skull Slicer, executed day 3)
Willess12 (Skull Illusionist, executed day 2)
Oonie (Protector Spy, executed day 1)
Ranaki_Pakewa (Skull Shaman, murdered night 3)
Ghost8o (Blue Villager, executed day 2)
Paradox (Red Villager, murdered night 1)
Greencapps (Skull Basher, murdered night 2)

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My @ seems to have broken. Anyway, sounds exciting.

I have arrived. Let it begin.


I here! Who wants to bet that the Cultist kill me first for certain reasons? :stuck_out_tongue:

“It begins”-Barney

Aight, let’s crack some skulls!


Why start with the skull? Its to quick you must MAKE THEM SUFFER!

Can’t wait for this to start!

I am present!

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Let’s do this!

oh it up ok

Cards have been distributed. The first scene should be up tomorrow night.

Night 1: A Shot in the Dark

The villager once called the Paradox made his way through the ancient city cautiously. With fireballs, giant stones, and magic blasts pelting the ground around him, he had to watch the skies around him and check his footing before he took a step. When possible, he darted behind the ruined structures of the Ancient City, where he would be safe from at least one angle.

He had been one of the first of the Skull Camp’s denizens to join Skull Grinder. What was left of his villager side included a masterful planning skill, as he had been one of the strongest thinkers and rationalizers in the Region of Earth. Even though everyone claimed all he did was sit around and eat glowing Doritos.* Joining the Skull Army as a tactician was his first step towards prove his worth across all of Okoto.

He had already learned the identity of an ally, and was making his way to meet with him, when he saw a massive figure step out in front of him. He had a huge, skull-shaped visage, and two massive axes.

…“Basher?” the villager said.

Basher turned to him, then suddenly jumped into the air and brought both of his axes down on the unfortunate villager. The Skull Spider on his face, and everything underneath it, was very seriously bashed.

Paradox, Red Villager, killed by Skull Basher

Paradox’s death did not go unnoticed. Although Skull Basher was nowhere to be seen the following day, four individuals had been rounded up and accused of executing Paradox’s death:

DarkTakanuva: Wore an incredibly bland set of silver armor, just like Skull Basher

Greencapps: Had a closetful of axes and swords, claims he’s a collector

Oonie: Had a noticable dislike of Paradox when he entered the camp, claims to have known him in the Region of Earth

Charyas: Had a long history of murdering people with axes

You have 24 hours to vote. You only have one vote, so I hope you’ve had the chance to spread your information.

*sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew

Victim: @Paradox


ROLF, @Hawkflight, ROFL.

How do you bash with an axe, if an axe chops.
Was it using them sideways or somethin?

Ask Skull Basher.