Okoto Mafia Cyan

It was a dark and stormy night. The residents of the Water City had all gone to sleep long ago, and now the only ones awake were the Protector of Water and her attendant. The ill tempered nature of the night matched the conversation that was taking place.

"…you're sure of what you saw?"
"…this is grave news, then. If those Skull Warriors are right, we may have precious little time indeed."
"Time to warn the others?" the attendant asked.

The Protector of Water leaned back in her chair. She turned over the idea in her mind. The news she had just received had been grave, indeed. If her attendant was to be believed, the scouts had just spotted a band of Skull warriors heading to the north. Normally, this wouldn't have been an unusual problem; the Skull army had been running amok in Okoto ever since the fall of the island's largest city two years ago. Yet, these Skull warriors had been overheard saying that they had found where Makuta, the famed mask maker, had fallen into unconsciousness. If this was true, and they were able to wake Makuta…the entire island would be at risk.

"No," she said at last. "At least, not in the way we're hoping for. We'll have time to slow them down, but not enough time to form an army large enough to stop them."
"What will we do then?"

The Protector of Water stood up. "Two things," she said. "First, we will send word to as many of the other villages as we can reach. Hopefully, the other protectors, traveling by themselves, can move quickly enough to reach the Skull Warriors and slow them down."
"…slow them down…for what?"
"…for a last ditch attempt," the Protector said.
"I'm afraid I don't follow," the attendant responded.
"Much better news arrived this afternoon," the Protector said, moving out of the room. "We believe we may finally have found where Ekimu fell asleep."
"So we have to get to Ekimu before they can get to Makuta."


By the next morning, messengers had been sent to four of the five other villages. Earth, unfortunately, could not be reached, as the Skull Warriors had stopped by that village on their way and caused a massive cave in. Still, four Protectors would hopefully be enough to cause a significant delay.

The Protector and her group left the village soon after, heading for the region of Jungle, where Ekimu was supposedly buried. Among the group were 15 residents, along with the Protector, who were to travel to the designated site, awaken Ekimu, and then hopefully, use his power to stop the Skull warriors.

But, like any plan made up the night before, this one was not as fool proof as it originally seemed…


Welcome to Bionicle Mafia Cyan. You are either part of a mission to awaken Ekimu…or to keep him asleep.

Hidden among the traveling band of villagers are four spies. Having turned their backs on their fellow villagers in exchange for their own safety when the island is overrun, their new mission is to stop this group of travelers. Being simple villagers, however, they are forced to rely on more than mere strength to accomplish their goals. Each night, they can use power granted to them by the Skull army to resurrect an ancient Skull warrior: the fearsome Skull Grinder, who carries the strength to attack and kill.

But it is in the interest of both sides to eliminate the other quickly…should either sides' allies on the other side of the island be eliminated, disaster will assuredly follow…


Villagers (9): These simple villagers have no special talents. Instead, they will simply try to remain alive while voting for who they think is guilty.

Skull Spies (4): These spies, each night, summon an ancient warrior known as Skull Grinder to take out a villager.

Protector of Water (1): The Protector of Water, much like the Protector of old, can discern someone's role each night.

Defender of Water (1): The Defender, similarly to her Ancient City counterpart, can protect someone from death each night.

Secret Role (1): ???


This game is interrelated with Okoto Mafia Violet. Whatever side you are on here (village or mafia), you will have allies in Violet, and vice versa. Your allies will be the opposite side of your side in this game (if you are the mafia here, your allies in Violet will be the "villagers," or, in story terms, if you're aligned with the Skull Spies here, you'll be aligned with the Skull Warriors in Violet). This is important because both games are affected by the events in the other, or, more appropriately, how quickly the games end. Whichever side claims victory first, in either game, will claim victory in both. So, for instance, if, the Skull Warriors eliminate the Protectors in Violet before the outcome of this game is decided, the Skull Spies will claim victory in Cyan as well. Because of this, it is in both sides' interest to play both aggressively and wisely. Be aware of how the other game is progressing as well, as your tactics may need to change depending on how close your side is to winning or losing in the other game.

1) All general TTV rules
2) No screenshots
3) No betraying your side

Everything else works basically exactly as it did in Okoto Mafia 1.


Payinku, Skull Spy
Ekorak, Defender
Wajknight, Villager
John Smith
Matoro, Skull Spy
Willess, Villager
CausticKrana, Villager
BeefJStag, Villager

Roles will be distributed shortly.



So... are we all female or just the Protector and Defender? XD

I promise I'm not being sexist, I just thought it funny that the genders of those two are stated so definitely

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how do you get a screenshot of a text-based game?

I LOL'd upon reading this, but I actually like this idea.


Well that's kind of the thing…I don't really know. No gender rules (or lack thereof) have been established, so…use your imagination, I guess?

Also first night is in effect. Since scenes need to be synchronized between the two games, Night 1 scene will be posted at 6 PM EST on Wednesday. Roles have until then to PM me!



Well, I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully @Ekorak won't die instantly like last time. stuck_out_tongue


This is gonna be good. I hope it has all the twists and turns of the first game.


Wouldn't surprise me if MT went out of his way to make Ek a mafia just to prevent that.


I propose that we all eat popcorn together whilst peace still rests upon our camp, before the inevitable darkness consumes us in a mad race to destroy each other. Let us treasure these final moments of tranquility and friendship, then we can kill anyone we think seems dubious in their loyalties




If the Mafia doesn't want to be outright inconsiderate, they won't kill Ek first. But maybe Ek is Mafia, eh? You never knoooow...


Im gonna go ahead and guess this is me.

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Nailed it. wink thumbsup


In my defense, the X key is only one away from the S key.



@MT_Zehvor: How will I be assigned my role? Will you just PM me with it?

I'll send roles out in a bit. If you don't get one, you're a villager.

EDIT: And all roles have been set out. First scene will be on Wednesday at 9 PM.



I'm ready, I'm set, I'm probably taking this a bit too seriously...

I'll be keeping this to myself after this point, just so you know. stuck_out_tongue


great googly moogly

thats organization if I ever saw it


Heh, indeed.

...I'm probably going to be the first to die because of this, aren't I?

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you can use our old golf course if you are.


Unless you're using it to keep track of your victims... Lol

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