Okoto Mafia: Invasion Sign-Up Topic

Figured I would try my hand at hosting a Mafia game. No promises, but I will try to maintain a schedule and uphold the rules as best I can. With that said, there are new rules and other things sprinkled throughout this main post, so be sure to read it all! Estimated number of spots should be around 24-30 so if you want in, sign up fast. Deadline for sign-ups will be determined depending on how fast it fills up. Now let’s play some Mafia!


In a small ice village of Okoto, the night was young, but nobody was about to throw a party. Rumors had travelled in the past weeks that enemies thought to be long gone had returned in the form of Skull Cultists. Izotor had visited a few days ago to assure the residents that they had nothing to worry about, but this was no ordinary village. These villagers were battle-ready, and weren’t about to take chances after hearing all of the terrible tales from before. Luckily and unluckily…they were right to be suspicious.

Just a day ago, tools known to be used by water villagers had been found nearby, along with Skull Spider tracks matched with villager tracks. Skull Cultists had indeed come to take their dwelling.


This, as you may have surmised from the title, is a game of Mafia with a Bionicle skin over it. Basically that means it’ll be general mafia rules, set in a Bionicle setting. Specifically, Okoto after Ekimu and Makuta were knocked into an endless sleep.

If you don’t know how mafia works, then read on. If you do, skip to the part that says “Residents of Okoto.”

Mafia is a bit of a complex game, but one that once you get the hang of, it’ll be easy. It’s a game that revolves around clever tactics and deception, and, in most cases, luck as well. For the purposes of this game, the players will be divided into two sides: The Villagers, and the Mafia. Each side is trying to kill the other.

After everyone signs up, you’ll be given a role via PM. If that role is Mafia, then you will be part of a team of mafia members, trying to eliminate the remaining villagers. Each “night” (more on that in a bit), you and your fellow mafians will choose one villager to kill. After your decision is made, I will post on here informing everyone of who died, as well as a list of 4 potential suspects (one of whom is the real murderer) for the killing. This is where a good deal of the strategy comes in.

Everyone, villager or mafian, can vote on who they think should be executed for last night’s murder. If you’re a villager, you want to get the mafian who committed the act. If you’re a mafian, you want to get a villager lynched in your teammates’ place. Note that you can only vote if you’re alive; the dead have nothing worthwhile to contribute. There will be12 hours from the announcement of last night’s killing to vote, and you can change your vote up to two times.


As mentioned before, this game has various roles, which will be distributed through PM. Here’s a list of all the roles in this game, as well as how many of them there are.


Skull Cultists (approx. 6): These followers of the ancient skull teachings function like basic Mafia. Each night, they will meet under the guise of darkness and choose who they wish to kill. During the day, they will pretend to be villagers, and act innocent while trying to get the real villagers sentenced to death for the crimes they committed.


Villagers (approx. 15): These simple, unassuming townspeople are the last line of defense the city has. They do very little outside of voting on who they believe is guilty for the crime. However, because this village was prepared, each has their own defensive item, good for one use. Villagers can PM me the night they want to use their defense.

Defender (1): This villager’s reflexes have been trained to their fullest extent. Each night, he can choose someone else to defend. If the mafia attacks the player being defended that night, they will not die.

SECRET ROLE: (???): Holds mysterious powers, but could potentially determine the entire game’s end.


  1. All general TTV rules.

  2. Don’t betray your side, please. We had a ton of problems with this elsewhere…and games legitimately got ruined because people betrayed their team out of spite.

  3. When you cast a vote for someone, if you decide you’d rather vote for someone else, you can do so twice. All voting must be done by posting in topic, and making it very clear who you are voting for. If you do change your vote, please make it obvious who you are changing it TO and FROM. It will not count if you do not list both of these things.

  4. If you have died within the game, either from murder in the night or execution in the day, you are still allowed to talk, but no aiding or influencing the gameplay from then on, you can comment on the situation, but you cannot point out past facts or prosecute players still alive.

  5. Special Voting Circumstance: If a vote is brought down to a tie, either one of two things may happen. One, the vote will be narrowed down to the tied suspects, prompting everyone to ultimately vote off one. Two, double execution. This decision will be decided via random number generator.

  6. Special Voting Circumstance: If players decide the best decision is to execute all suspects, they can only do so once, and not in the final round.


  1. Marendex_T17
  2. AdamusTheFirst
  3. Chronicler
  4. Whaddon
  5. Gif.Man.Ben
  6. Plural
  7. Booster_Gold
  8. Zelohak
  9. Lord_Tuma
  10. ToaSonus
  11. Omega_Tahu
  12. 21sselliW
  13. xX_TChalla_Xx
  14. Hawkflight
  15. Leoxandar
  16. ToaVoriki
  17. Rac
  18. HK-47
  19. ColdGoldLazarus
  20. Ekorak
  21. Political_Slime
  22. FreeLanceVelika
  23. TBT_Emerald
  24. Peelacar
  25. TheRed1s

Depending on who else joins, deadline will probably go up sometime later today.


I’d like to join, if ya got room.

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This seems pretty neat, may as well join

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Meh. I might as well give it a shot. It would be my first time playing, though.


Let me think

That means Yes


Sign me up man.

I approve of this message.

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I might be a scrub at Mafia, but I guess I’ll join.


I’ll join. :smile:

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Looks like fun, never played it before, but sign me up please!

Also are the members of the mafia in one chat and the villagers in another or is it all done where the mafia members and the villagers have to try to figure out who is who?


Could I join? As Cronk said

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Heck. I like murder games. I’m in.


The Mafia are all in a PM.

The villagers do not receive a PM, and have to figure out who the Mafians are.


Yup! :smile:

When will we be getting the PMs? I believe we’ll get them when the game is filled!

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sign me up!

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I’ll sign up, I guess. Might as well intermix an old lump with all the new players.



This will be my second game of Mafia, groovy.

I’ll sign up, if there’s not too many people already.

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Provided the secret role isn’t a Diddy Kong.

I’m in.


I am ready. Count me in.

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sign me up

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