Okoto Mafia: Operation: Revival

On the mythical island of Okoto, six tribes lived in peace.
But, amongst these tribes, there were villains, plaguing the poor Villagers, destroying property, and just causing general mayhem.
These villains, the Twilight Warriors, were followers of an ancient, long-dead being, a near-deity called the Shadowed One.
They believed that, with the sacrifice of choice villagers, they could bring back their god, and that they would rule beside him over Okoto.
They decided that they would infiltrate the Ice Village, and from there launch there island-spanning campaign...
The villagers would have to stop them, or risk having their beautiful island overthrown by the Shadowed One, just as it was countless millennia ago.

Hello all, and welcome to

Okoto Mafia: Operation: Revival!

I'm pretty sure you all know how this goes, so I won't bog you down with extraneous details.

If you do not know how to play Mafia, go here (there is a section in the main post about the basics of Mafia).

Oh, right, there are a couple of other things.

Once, after the successful infiltration of their village by the Protectors, a lone Skull Cultist figured, "Why not make money off of all this death?" so he did.
He set up the underground, traveling "Necro-Sino" as he called it, a venue wherein any and all inhabitants of whatever village it was in at the time would bet on who the currently reigning Mafia would bump off next.
Of course, being a Skull Cultist, he had some connections to the old regime, and hired a few retired Skull Warriors to ensure that everybody (even the most quiet, conservative people) bet on who would be given the axe, thus insuring his meteoric rise in to the Okotoan 1%

In order to cast you bets in the Necro-Sino, you must PM me with your bet. It must be presented in a format like this:

Name of the person on whom I am betting: X (No tagging)
Buy-In: $5.00 (the Buy-in price stays the same throughout the game)
Amount of money I am betting: $XX.XX (cannot be changed after it has been placed down)

There also happens to be a 2-Much-Value-4-U store that has recently opened up in the Village of Ice. To purchase something from 2-Much-Value-4-U, all you have to do is PM the store manager (me) with your purchase request, and you will acquire the item.

(For the assassin, PM me with who you wish for it to kill.)

Now I know what you're all thinking, "But, O Great-and-Mighty Marendex, how shall we afford all this when we have no money?" the answer is simple: you will each be granted $300.00 in game, to spend/bet-with as you please.

General Rules

1) All general TTV rules

2) Don't betray your side, please. People have had a ton of problems with this elsewhere…and games legitimately got ruined because people betrayed their team out of spite.

3) When you cast a vote for someone, if you decide you'd rather vote for someone else, you can do so twice. All voting must be done by posting in topic, and making it very clear who you are voting for. If you do change your vote, please make it obvious who you are changing it TO and FROM.

It will not count if you do not list both of these things


Protector (1): Can discern someone's role each night.

Defender (1): Can protect someone from death each night.

Villagers (8): Avarage Joes who do nothing but vote and survive (and sometimes die).

Twilight Spies (5): Once each night, these little buggers deliberate on who to kill and send one of their number to bump off the poor sap


1) @Artakha (Villager, almost killed on Night 1) (subsequently assassinated on Night 3)
2) @ToaVuhii
3) @Political_Slime (assassinated on Night 3)
4) @Helryx08
5) @noob1234
6) @Greencapps (Twilight Spy, assassinated on Night 3)
7) @Shadezy (Defender, executed on Night 2)
8) @pot8o (Twilight Spy, executed on Night 2)
9) @HewkiiDaKohliiHead (Villager, executed on Night 1)
10) @MT_Zehvor (Villager, assassinated on Night 1)
11) DarkTakanuva (Villager, killed on Night 3)
12) Ekorak (Twilight Spy, executed on Night 3)
13) Eljay (Protector, almost killed on Night 2) (subsequently nearly-assassinated on Night 3)
14) Corex11 (Twilight Spy, executed on Night 3)
15) BeefJStag (Villager, executed on Night 3)

That's basically it.

Have fun.


This is weird.

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What's weird?

Took me a minute to understand the purpose of the shop and whatnot.

What do you do with the action figures? Something to go into the endgame tally?


yea what do the action figures do?

All the figures are mainly so that the store doesn't look empty, the main draws are the assassin and the med-kit.
So, basically nothing.

(I can give them a purpose it you want.)

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what does the donation do?

It's just for fun.

(In case you can't tell, I drafted that whole thing in thirty minutes on my laptop whilst managing three other things, so I'm a bit frazzled and am trying to edit out all of the [plentiful] glitches in the post.)

nah its kool just....

getting my popcorn

oh and how long does each day last?

and as a heads up for the peeps that @Marendex_T17 has not summoned @Eljay @DarkTakanuva @Ekorak @BeefJStag @Corex11 its started


Well, after the first murder scene, everyone will have 24 hours to vote, the execution scene will (ideally) be posted a few hours later, and the next day will last however long the Twilight Spies take to decide on who to kill, and the cycle continues for, perhaps, five nights (give or take one night).

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When will people get their roles?

Will these, by any chance, take place at Chuck E.'s?

i'm so sorry


Question: Have roles been decided/PM'd out?

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Finally people show up!

This is.... interesting.

If you buy a medkit, do you automatically use it if you're attacked? Or do you have to use it when you think you're going to be attacked? (Basically, is it a passive defense?)

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To elaborate on noob's question: Can you stack up medkits?


I feel like I'd be more inclined to buy action figures if I had in game friends to show them off to.



And so it begins

your not in this lelouch go home!

inb4 he dies first