Okoto Mafia Violet

Metaphorical signal.

For the record, the Skull Cultists are still physically Okoto villagers. I guess it's possible that some of them wear masks that resemble Skull Spiders, though.

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Meso's definitely not Mafia.

His face is a skull.


this seems cool, but very complicated...

'cough cough' lower case 'sigh' i give up one on seems to get it


Do we start voting now?

No one's died yet.

The first scene will be posted tonight. Voting will begin immediately when the scene is posted.

For now we must sit and wait.

and stalkilly creep eachother.

That does tend to happen a lot in Mafia games.

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Soon, ze room shall run red with dye...

calling it now

i die at some point in this game




I heartily believe it'll be Meso =P


To bad I'm not in this game. My Protector skills would swat y'all's bums back home to yo mums!

or maybe you are one of us...? wink

also I'll bet 2 internet cookies that noob is a villager

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One of us, one of us!

I'll take a piece of that action, but I'll up it to three!


Where I come from, I am known for being able to blind with brilliance, and baffle with BS. Take your pick, and pick your poison!

My computer decided it wanted to experience a coma. Stuck on mobile til I can fix laptop; scene will be short but hopefully up on time.


Count the seconds! clock830

Night One


"We shall settle here!"
The Shaman began pitching his tent, as around him, many Skull Cultists did likewise.

The canyon was thin, providing minimal space to camp, but enough space to ensure protection against an ambush by Ekimu's supporters. Still, the Warrior decided to appoint Cultists on guard duty.


"Hey, you," the Warrior said, as he made the rounds later that night. "Why are you wearing sunglasses? It's dark out."

Risebell had been appointed to guard one of the tents. Inside the tent slept Pot8o, Leoxandar, BioRaiders, and HewkiiDaKolhiiHead.
In response to the Warrior's question, Rise simply shrugged and refused to remove the aviators.

Odd, thought the Warrior. But he wasn't concerned and didn't think anything of it - Risebell was doing an excellent job guarding the tent, no reason to suspect anything out of place.
"Well," he said to Rise, "when you get tired, pick someone inside the tent to take over guard duty."
The Warrior walked off.


Many minutes passed. Risebell needed rest.

He turned back and called into the tent: "hey, you, time to stand watch."
The Warrior, outside the tent and relatively far away from it, couldn't tell which cultist Rise had been addressing... but whoever it was responded "okay" and moved towards the door.

Within seconds, an indignant shout broke out from the tent as Risebell was smashed over the head and pulled inside. There came the sound of Rise being stabbed, the sound of aviators being shattered... the shout faded.

By this point, the Warrior already knew something was wrong. He had set off towards the tent as soon as Rise had been pulled inside. Now arriving, he opened the flap... and coughed, as a cloud of bluish gas billowed out. The Warrior began to feel woozy, and realized it'd been sleeping gas. The assassin must've used it to knock out everyone in the tent (including himself, to avoid suspicion) after killing Risebell.

This momentary analysis aside, the Warrior leaned down to the body of Rise. He was barely alive after being bludgeoned and stabbed. Behind the Warrior, the Shaman and some cultists arrived at the tent entrance.

The Shaman picked up the broken aviators. Rise made a weak attempt to reach up and grab them, his arm falling back to his side.

"You fools..." he whispered. "I am not simply... I, the..."
Rise coughed up some blood. "Argh, I... my sunglasses!..."
Making one last grab for his aviators, he broke down into a fit of coughing. It ended abruptly as he gasped and fell back. The light vanished from his eyes.

Risebell, ???, slain by Protector

"Strange," the Shaman said. "I know not who he truly was." A murmur ran through the Skull Cultists.

"But murder is murder." The Warrior punched the canyon wall in frustration. "Someone must pay for the crime. The problem is, Risebell was the only one who knew which Cultist had been appointed to guard next... and this means that as usual, Rise was the only one who could've identified his own killer."



BioRaiders - A knife was found in his knapsack, with a blade matching the shape of the one used to kill Rise. He claims it must've been stolen from his bag by the murderer, and put back in when everyone was unconscious.
Leoxandar - Found to be carrying a bag full of rocks, potentially useful as a bludgeon. Claims the rocks must've fallen into his bag after they entered the canyon.
pot8o - Had cuts on the bottom of his foot, could've been from breaking Rise's aviators in the scuffle. Claims he stepped on a miniature cactus.
HewkiiDaKolhiiHead - An empty vial, proven by forensics to have previously contained some sort of powder, was amongst his possessions. He says it wasn't his and that somebody planted it on him.


Thanks for believing in me, @MT_Zehvor

You have 24 hours to vote.

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