Okoto rahi: kinopede

The Kinopede

this rahi is a native inhabitant of Okoto, unlike most Okoto ahi the Kinopede species was not driven to extinction by the skull spiders.

This creature is a predator and lives off ingested skull spiders, however many died when loss attacked and destroyed their nest. Now the survivors wander the land of fire trying to live day by day.

about the MOC: I attempted to create this with only simple CCBS. I did this so that it blends with the Okoto universe. I may make more perhaps one rahi per element…

fine regards Boota1


That neck looks like it’s about to snap…


I’d like to start off by saying, I don’t hate this moc, it’s not bad.

the neck and head aren’t great, I really dislike the neck, the head doesn’t fit a centipede-like creature, you could probably make it work, just not with that neck.
the shells on the back legs should be switch to maintain consistency.
the rear of the creature should be redesigned it’s just not built that well, it brakes the flow of the torso and is gappy.

I like the idea of a 6 legged rahi, I like the front hallf of the torso,
I would take those claws off of the front feet and make a custom head with those as mandibles/antennae, and maybe make more insectoid legs.


That neck

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The neck is really thin so put some armour on it plz

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I will try, I already have one idea…

This is one of the worst ways to give feedback on something…

sorry :weary:

I didn’t mean to offend you, and I get your point about the neck, but it can help to be nice and suggest things to people, rather than demand or beg for change…

really?.. :worried: