Old bionicle head/mask on CCBS frame

So I really want to make a Jaller Mahri remake using the ccbs, but I have no idea how to have the mask on the ccbs frame. I have tried using agori and av-matoran heads, but it looked kind of whack. The mask that Jaller Mahri uses also doesn't fit on the 2001 toa heads, otherwise I would have used those.I have looked at some ideas on youtube and other websites but have come up with nothing. So if you guys have any ideas please let me know. I do know that I should use the torso that came with Rey, but I really want to use the 2016 bionicle frame due to the hip articulation.


Custom head?
That's my only guess at this point.

That's what I am thinking. I just need to make one that looks decent.

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Dude, have you noticed how much Narmoto's mask looks like Jaller Mahri's without the tubes?

But either way, I normally use a Ventress lightsaber attached to a pinhole of a CCBS shell with some kind of technic piece clipped onto the lightsaber.

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Huh, I never noticed this.

Any chance I could get a photo of this?

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Yeah, later, I normally don't take pictures of my MOCs without their masks, and don't have my parts with me at the moment.

There is a head design I know uses an HF energy wheel and a Nuva hand, but I can't find any pictures of it at the moment.

The problem with mahri jala's mask is that it is a pretty tight fit on a metru head, for years I had tried to come up with a custom head and none fitted his mask :confused:

Because the inner mould of the mask is so different it's really hard to come up with a custom head for it. Which is why i've kind of hit a wall here.

In the end I may just use this piece to connect the metru head on the ccbs.

That works, but elongates the neck alarmingly.

Not really if they didnt have a neck to begin with.

It's better to add a neck than to not have one.

Why not use the brain attack head? That should look pretty good with a metru compatible head

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It's pretty small though and it would just look like a glowing orb underneath the mask rather than and actual face....

If you are willing to add a gearbox, @LoganMcOwen has an extremely nice frame. Here's a video by Toa Makuro as well.


I've never tried it, but can't you use this piece for Mata heads?


Jallers mask doesn't fit on a mata head, otherwise I that's what I would have done :confused:
At this point I'm just going to probably make a custom head :smiley:

At this point, I think you should sacrifice the waist function for the Rey torso.

I may make 2 torso builds each using the different torsos, and then I'll decide which one I like more.


If you don't have the brown connector, you can use one of these instead