Old Bionicle Minifigs Recreated

So I made a new version of Minifig Matoro from 06...

It's a simple build really, 10 pieces without the sword. Any thoughts?


I think they're great. Better than the ones we got in the playsets.


Stiff legs were too bulky in those sets anyway.


At least the minifigures we got in 2006-2007 had some poseablity. We could have gotten a rehash of the stiff as a rock 2005 minifigs.


Pretty good. Personally I'd try making them with the Invasion From Below Herofigs, but this works.

Sadly, the 06 and 07 heads aren't compatible with normal minifigs, which is how the Herofigs are put together(the torso being a Ninjago Skeleton torso).


Much better than the original. It's a bit lanky, but that fits the character design.

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Not a fan of how the T-joint shoulders stick out on the top. Maybe you could thread a lightsaber through the 1x1 brick instead?

That would force me to move the T-joint with the legs down, which would possibly "break" the figure.
But, that's by LDD standards.
Someone would have to attempt to build it like that PHYSICALLY, in order to see if it's actually possible.

Certainly interesting. I wish the shoulders didn't have rods jutting out of them. But hey, minor complaint.

Man, If I had the pieces, I would.
I should post my Kopaka Minifig on here...