Old Bionicles for sale on ebay

There's a little bit of a story to this. As I posted on "On Ebay Today...Like Right Now!" my friend had decided to use our (we use to share an ebay bussiness together) old Ebay account to list a very expensive Bionicle joblot. I got in contact with him today and told him not to do that, because he'll never sell it. Due to his family's financial condition I agreed to help him sell it for a reasonable price. I also agreed to advertise it abit. I might even buy some myself, though I'm short of cash. It's my email account, so any questions can be directed here and I'll ask him. Anyone wanting international shipping will have to talk to me. He isn't doing international shipping, but I could ship it for him. So check them out, the pictures are bad, but any questions ask me and I'll see if I can find out.

Edit: FREE Shipping for all products except the LEGO System joblot within the UK.


Pretty cool.
Although, if you were to do international shipping, I would assume that the buyer would pay shipping?

Yes. So far cheapest seems to be £12.00. I'm researcher ways it could be cheaper for both buyer and seller.

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Cool I guess, although since I doubt I'll be able to get anything here, it is nice to know! smile

Do you ship to the U.S.?

I've spoken with my friend and we've agreed that if there's anyone who wants it shipped and can pay for postage we'll open that certain product up for international shipping.

Is this still for sale?

Not the ones on here. If you want to take a look, I've got a couple of things still on sale. Any questions feel free to ask.

Some of these lots are mighty tempting, however Ebay says you might not ship to Australia.
Would you?

That's something I'd have to look into. International postage can be pricey, depending on the country, and it'd have to be tracked incase of loss or damage. I'll do my research and if I think its safe and cheap enough I'll open up the listing to France, Australia and the US.

Thanks man.
I know about it being pricey, but those lots are so decently priced...

It might take some time to figure out the prices for each country and listing, so which one where you interested in? I'll get that one weighed up as soon as possible and get back to you about it.

I really like the look of the Matoran, and Vahki lots...

How much is an American dollar in £s.

What's still for sale. If there's anything good left we may have ourselves a deal.

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I cant sell to outside of europe, the shipping costs can range from £20-£80, most likely the higher for the US. I dont think either of us would want to spend that much on shipping.

Well that kinda sucks.

Because I cant edit main post I'm just going to put this here. I am no longer selling my friends stuff, he sold that a while ago, probably. I am now, however, selling my own stuff. That includes what is above, as well as my 2015 sets. I need to buy a new pc, rather fast, so I have to sell my 2015 collection. Currently I have Onua and Tahu listed. The rest (and that means every Bionicle set released in 2015 other than LoSS and MMvsSG, as I need their parts, will be on sale at some point this week.) Each listing will have two sets, selling at £20.00. Everything will be included, that means box and instructions as well.