Old Ekimu the Mask Maker revamp

So a while ago I meant to make an Ekimu revamp but since I never managed to get his 2016 set (its $26 in my local TRUs) I never bothered to finish him. I only took this one picture a while ago so I might as well show it off, I did want to give him more blue but since the chest would be very difficult to do I didn’t :confused:

And I tried to replicate his pose on the box with a more heroic look to it but I don’t have Umarak so I had to settle with Kopaka’s mask.

The hammer was my favorite part and I passed it down to one of my mocs. (its a fusion of his 2015 hammer and 2016)


Not bad, not bad at all.


Nice job!


Great job

looks good, but more pics would be appreciated

Like I said this was ages ago and he isn’t built anymore.

Ah sorry I missed that