Old Mocs: Bionicle+System

My favorites of my old Mocs were Bionicle, but with heavy reliance on System for the details to get a unique feel.

I’ve always thought the Rode looked better on a Toa-sized character…

Some of my first Lego sets were Aquazone, and I always liked the look of that theme.

I had a heck of a time getting all those slope pieces for the prism. Didn’t know about bricklink, had to fill a cup from the wall at the Lego store.

In another timeline, perhaps a Titan from Voodoo Island?

I always try to find odd uses for pieces, like the technic chairs or swivel


All of those MOCs are pretty nice! The second one is easily my favorite, it has so much character!

They’re all reeky nice, but I love the posing of the first one and the design of the second one best. Awesome job on these guys.

I love these, the 2nd one has so much character plus just looks really unique. I also really like the last one with the headset-really looks like he’s wearing armour