Old pipe cleaner creations

I was unpacking after my move and found a few figures I made out of pipe cleaners long ago. They are posable though being made of thin wires you can imagine why I don’t move them

Flame wingman (Yugioh)

Dusk taker (Accel world)


These are pretty cool.

Yay! Someone else who’s seen accel world!

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These are real cool…

These aren’t what i expected at all. So detailed.

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I was expecting something cringy, but I got something really cool.

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that dusk taker is sweeet

i did

Whoa. I’ve never seen that much skill before.

Pipe cleaners? Haven’t heard of those in a while. I wasn’t too sure of what to expect at first, but I must say these are well executed. The accuracy really shows as does the attention to detail.

Dang, I used to make figures using pipe cleaners too… these seem pretty good!

With the pipe cleaner title I wasn’t expecting much, much less something as cool as these.

These are pretty creative. Great job

Amazing! I especially love Flame Wingman.