Old 'Self-MOC' MOC

About three years ago, I decided to try and make a 'Self-MoC'. After time this is more or less what I created. A few days ago, I put it back together. It remains about the same as before; I just changed the head. Behold...

My old 'Self-MoC' MoC!

It is supposed to be some form of Pit-Guarding Robot (perhaps even an early Maxilos prototype...?)

The 'head'. Previously it had a trans-light blue helmet, but I prefer this grouping of sensory 'organs'.

The energy harpoon/double bladed axe weapon. Yay for Mahri mask-breathing hoses!

Obligatory back view.

You can run...

...but no one escapes the Pit.

So ya. There is it! I will be attempting to create a new (more accurate) Self-MoC soon. But for now, enjoy this! C/C is very welcome.


Hey, this looks pretty good!
I could only wonder what your new self MOC looks like...


That is a good question. Even I don't know yet.

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Well, ha ha. I still haven't shown off my Self-MOC... (Psst... He's not made yet wink )

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I love him, but if I were you I'd add a mask. ~Pyrox

dat hand head tho XD

But in all seriousness, this ain't bad. If I had to give some criticism, I would say that the lower arms are a little too close to the legs. They kinda blend in a little too much. But changing that would probably force you to change the whole layout of the build, so I wouldn't worry about it too much wink

(edit) Count how many times I say too

too many thats the number

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Let's see...

You say the word "too" a total of five times including the edit.

tnx m8 your too good at this

now count how many times I've said too IN ALL MY POSTS EVER

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Why? WHY?

Ranaki's been going around doing it and it's not funny.

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you know as a master you could have changed it at any point...


I am not a Master, I just retained the title.

Hmm. I'd suggest changing it then in order to not cause confusion.

Anyway, this is supposedly all going to stop soon, so that's nice.

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