Old Star Wars pen drawings

hey what do yo know, its may the 4th, you know what that means

(I personally don’t really care for may the 4th be with you crap but… ehh why not)

Clone wars:

battle of yavin:

I think the death star one is better.
hows it going?


I love how you made the motion blurs in the second image. Like, holy crud that’s a great technique.

Not a fan of the Death Star but the fighters are great.


You may fire when ready.

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The battle of Yavin one looks awesome, and I love the blurs in the second one.

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Thoughts and Insights: Star Wars battle.
But seriously, these are great. Especially the second.


Looks absolutely amazing.

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First one is alright, but the second one is really good


May the fourth be with you!!

Definitely digging those motion blurs. Those sure are some interesting Thoughts and Insights" in the first one

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I like the smuging technique, I’ll try it some day

you too buddy!

even though I made this comment a day late…

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