Old stuff i must've misplaced

I dont know what i was thinking when i made these mocs but there all dreadful in my opinion apart from one or two. I dont have any official names apart from dreadful, awful and what is that thing so here it goes:


so which on was the worst which was the best did you like any of the weapons (sniper gun)

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I like the Twin Cordak blasters on Rocka’s Jetpack.

Yeah i think i was trying to make a jet pack for storm as he is the alpha leader

The vehicle you made for stormer (I’m guessing) actually looks pretty good. Nice job on that one

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*Nyrah Ghost blasters

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Some look better than others.
I like the white vehicle the best.

Actually, the Stormer Vehicle isn’t that bad. The others…had some potential…but needed lots of work on them.

I guess i was trying to make combos of ice and fire and ice and lighting but i didnt have all the sets then.The Furno one was just a combo of Furno and the lighting dragon as they were the 2 most powerful villain and heroes of that series. The one with the scorax head is when i was trying to make the brain attack characters with the few bionicles i have. I made the surge machine because he didnt have an walker. Here`s the ice snake that i also make a while ago:

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/5/157d90e31eb2c6a5dde59acf8c80a22966b22c22.JPG" width=“375” height=“499”

how do we know if this is original