Old Tahu drawing from 2013

This is about 3 years old, but I thought I’d share it anyway.
The reason his eyes are silver, I accidentally colored them in black, so I went back over them with a metallic sharpie.


That’s actually really good. You caught his general appearance while giving him a human-like vibe.


Not bad. Nice job

Nice, love the mask

I really like this.

Is that Tahu? Where’s all his gold?

/s this is amazewow.

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Being able to draw Bionicles like this probably my ultimate goal. (In drawing bionicles)

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I really like this. Aside from the eyes it’s a really neat drawing.

Wow, this is actually pretty impressive!

Looking good, but the eyes look really off.


Though yeah, i like the general style of Tahu here. Getting a lot of Iron Man vibes - whether intentional or not. I like the overall look, only thing that I’d note is that the sword on his back isn’t as defined as the main body of the character - it gets a little mixed with the details on the chest. Mask looks a tiny bit deformed, but other than that, I’d like to see you update this and do a newer version of the same drawing :3


I misread Toa of Fire as Fan of Fire.

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Love the fire coloring

I am Iron Tahu!
Actually I like this.

thanks dudes.
I didn’t really see the Iron Man thing until now…lol

The quote I had in mind when I drew this was his line from ‘The Mask of Light’
Fire has no brothers. Fire consumes all!

I might try redrawing this, as well as draw similar versions of the other Toa Mata.

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