Old vehicle moc (My Original Creation)

Vehicle I made some years back (think about 13 years ago) found it in a box and thought why the heck not let’s show it of.

it is meant to be a submarine combine with a snow scooter, decided to make a driver as well.

(please don’t mind the color when ever I made Vehicle’s when I where younger I always went with the colors I liked the most or any parts I had with out thinking of the color combinations.

It has rocket launchers as well that can change angle

A quick look at the back as well because why not.

And yes the figure can sit in it


Blacktron+Aqua Team=

you mean Kamen rider Drive’s tridon Wild?
As you figure out I have no clue what Blacktron is. (Aqua team on the other I know of Used to buy the Lego sets though only got 3 of them before they got taken away from the store’s here in Sweden)

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Blacktron is an veeeeeeeeeeery old Lego theme. I said Blacktron because that minifigure is or looks like an old Blacktron minifigure. I said Aqua Team, another veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery old lego theme, because the primary color of the good guy vehicles was yellow.

I think I made a mistake. Aqua Team was a team? Right?

first I remember these sets I even have parts from them never got the full sets but I did get parts from them in a box full of lego one’s.
Also yeah Aqua team was kinda like the submarine version of the alien invasion lego sets. but instead for under water monsters they battled a Evil submarine team with shark motive’s cant really remember more then that.

P.S next Vehicle will be a space ship :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see it! :grinning:

Why you edit my post?
Was something wrong with it?

Aqua Team has never been a theme.

There is 2007’s Aqua Raiders, 1995’s Aquazone (With a faction known as the Aquanaughts), and 2001’s Alpha Team (With an underwater subtheme), but no Aqua Team.

Ok, ok I am wrong!