Old vehicle mocs 3

Vehicle I made some years back (think about 13 years ago) found it in a box and thought why the heck not let’s show it of.

This time it is the final Moc I still had intact this one is a space ship.

Name: BlazeRacer

Again I came up with the name for the vehicle just now, (thanks to the 3 on the front)

And here I want to point out the color scheme when ever I build things like this when I where younger I just went with any part that could be used never really took into consideration if the colors didn’t work or not. (though didn’t all of us ignore color schemes as kids/young teens when ever we started building with Lego?)

Might as well mention yes the way the boosters on the wings are put on is not a real/legal way but back in the day this is how we solved problems like this one.

(Going up)

(Think I will go back down :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well hope you all liked this little trip down memory lane now I will go back to the future with some Bionicle mocs and who knows maybe I should take up a box of lego and build something new out of all those old block and piece’s I have :slight_smile:


Not too shabby. Pretty decent shaping.

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Cleaned up the title-ThisHandOfMineGlowsWithAnAwesomePOWERRRR!!!

“moc” already implies my own creation.

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No it can also apply as my own character, hence why I added that part, (P.S your the first one to edit that away from my post)

Much more common to find it use as creation. And the difference is trivial at best anyways.

Anyways, the ship seems sorta short, but otherwise is coolio.

This certainly looks better than anything I could’ve come up with, thirteen or today. The colour scheme seems slightly all-over-the-place, but that’s really just the blue and red 3 on the front. It feels very well put together though.

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Not old;
###vintage! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But yeah, cool spaceship!

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