Old Vs New: A Kopaka Revamp

so when i got Kopaka 2015 (back in winter 2014) i immediately started Revamping him to be the Slim Toa that he once was and noticed something that bothered me i couldn’t use to many Old style Gears with the gearbox To provide friction i could but for the gear function i couldn’t. Any ideas

it has now been edited Huzzah!


Sorry Panda, but there can’t be any coming soon topics.

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Also try @John_Smith and @Political_Slime


Coming soon? should i just edit it and take a crappy photo? Sorry if i’m breaking rules :frowning:

If that allows you to keep it up, sure.

No problem. :wink:

I like to mix things up sometimes. :wink:


Hurry! Evil The mods are growing stronger!


Well Waj is on hiatus, Indi isn’t on much. And legomaster, well, he’s pretty active.
But anyways, we’re getting off topic

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I just checked all of the Mod’s activity and it seems like none of them are online… (I just can’t look at Slime’s for some reason)

Let’s start Double Posting Everywhere! /s

Anyways, I think the idea of comparing your version of Kopaka to the real deal is pretty interesting

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Edited the title to be more specific :wink:

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Welp I’ve uploaded a photo of his gearbox. is it any good?

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It looks a bit more stiff than the usual box, so props on you for that. :wink:

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The shoulders would be broad, so you might wanna take out that smaller gear beside that half bushing if you’re going for the sleeker look

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@PluralLego it is in fact more stiff. however my whole deal here is to sort of emulate the toa Mata Gearbox. sadly i cant use the bigger Classic gears with the gearbox Except for on Very specific bits. so any ideas on to fully get rid of those nasty Rounded gears?

@Rockho i didn’t word the original post correctly did i. sorry not sleeker but basically i don’t like the fact that he looks like a Space marine in the UN revamped version. So i went for a more toa Mata style instead of a Space marine look i did the same to tahu they are all a little to beefy for my tastes.

Edited for double post -legomaster

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