Old Yellow Bricks [2nd Verse] (now Deja Vu)

My self mocs stand got an upgrade.

Deja Vu

Able to create reality altering illusions using the memories of nearby beings including the user, a being trapped in one of Deja Vu’s illusions slowly has its energy drained until losing consciousness and eventually dying, unless specifically excluded by the stand user. the maximum size of illusion oyb is able to create is only about the size of a house, as well, the user must remain within about 30m for the illusion to remain active.

Destructive power: C
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: B
Precision: B
Development potential: D

Thank you for viewing.


The upper half is great, but I don’t think that the legs really fit in. It’s good nonetheless.

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the round add-on parts on the legs look kind of weird,otherwise great

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Why isn’t the stand invisible? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait, since when do Self-MOCs have stands?

This changes things.

I’m actually concerned with the amount of stand mocs that are popping up. @Ghosty, I think you’ve created a monster…

I do like it a lot, tho. Keep it up mate


What do you guys mean by “stand moc”?
Anyways, his ability makes me think he might be based of Neinhart who can use Historia against his enemies, which is basically illusions from the enemies past. But a pretty cool moc you got there^^

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I don’t know why I find it so funny that your Stand has a stand. :laughing:

This MOC looks really cool, but the round bits on the knees look odd. Other than that, great. :smile:

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I’m not too fond of the color of this but since it’s stand it’s somewhat excusable.

I’d like to take a moment to formally retcon my stando, I’m changing the name to Deja Vu.
It’s just so perfect I can’t believe it didn’t hit me sooner.

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