Olisi Makuei

Guess who? That’s right. I couldn’t help but make an interpretation of the antagonistic Oisim Makuei, from @Ghid ’s awesome story, The Wild Masks, which I then mixed mixed with my self moc, Olisi, in order to make this build.


@NOTaHFfan (I also rebuilt Ren’s arm)
I am aware this doesn’t quite align with the design of the actual Oisim, but hey I can’t build humans, so whaddya gonna do.
I also know it’s pretty bulky for either characters but this also was pretty experimental, so there’s that, but that’s about it.
If you want clearer pictures, tell me, will probably put some up anyway.

Constructive Criticism appreciated.


Ah yes very clear

I’m having trouble finding the areas that are Oisim Makuei-inspired. Where exactly do the design elements appear?


Mostly the hands, arms and somewhat of the face.


I like this guy. Like Ghid said, he doesn’t contain many identifiable aspects of Oisim, but he makes for a particularly good Oisli MOC. I know with a past version you tried to make some shorter/more compact limbs and this version does just that while keeping some degree of lankiness.

For making him more Oisim-like, try using some more CCBS to imitate a suit. I know there are some pretty good printed pieces from CCBS Darth Vader figures, so you can try those. Rearranging some of the colors and maybe giving him some sort of tie would be a good idea as well. The legs look fine already, so just putting in black would be enough.