Olisi V8

This version was based off of @Gilahu ’s Lariska moc. I wished to make a smaller and more compact character, along with a bit of a different color scheme,( which to be fair is quite messy )
And answer a question I had for very long. If Olisi was a survivor from an apocalypse, what would he look like?
I am pleased to say, that I very much enjoy this build, along with the references to other self Mocs.

Constructive criticism appreciated.


Hmm, I… don’t really know how to feel about this. The outrageously long limbs were Olisi’s thing, y’know? They made him stand out. This just doesn’t look right to me.

Don’t get me wrong, the actual build is fantastic! But I don’t know how well it fits the character


I like the overall look of this, but like Monopoly said, it’s a pretty far departure from the other Olisi MOCs. The mechanisms/constructions you’ve built for him look good, but as-is he seems more like an ordinary MOC than a proper Olisi. I guess a way to fix that is reduce the scale of the MOC, using Mixel joints or maybe technic axles with minimal armor on it, really emphasizing the thinness of everything.

As for color scheme, I’d recommend seriously separating each color. I see a lot of silver and I think it would be good to keep that for detailing. Try layering that silver over each color you want so there’s a cohesive texture but still divisions between limbs and segments.

I do like the “tail” hand. It’s a neat idea and it’s reminiscent of the Olisi lankiness we know and love.


I have unfortunately no clue who this Olisi character is… your self-MOC? :sweat_smile: So unless it’s kind of his thing, I feel the main thing to point out is the quite messy colour scheme. I’d suggest throwing out everything except black, silver and gold, and do something like a silver/black base with golden accents?

But glad you found my Lariska design useful!


I have to disagree with the other posts; the tall, gangly-limbed creature with three knees per leg was antiquated on arrival, and this iteration of Oisli/Olisi is a step in the right direction. He’s much more grounded now, which allows for much more focus on his unique elements, like the patchwork appearance and the darker aesthetic.

Like Gilahu said, the color scheme could use some work, even if patchwork is part of the design. The largest issue is the white; it’s too close to the silver and light grey to add to the color scheme, but there’s too little of it to make a difference and it ends up detracting from the rest of the model.


Thank you. However, I have scrapped the moc and started working on a new one, with a tad bit more length but still decently proportional.