Omega Ekimu Returns

I was bored again, but this time I made a video about it.


Somebody's just too involved in fried potatoes.

Hey. Fried potatoes are good. With butter and salt and rosemary.


Matt... thank you for all the kind words, seriously, it means a lot, this is one of the nicest things someone has said to me :')

also Ekimu looks bad-ace

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Dat hammar...

Respect it sunglasses

For some odd reason I am getting Thor vibes right now. Part of it is probably because Akimu reminds me of Thor and this artwork is hammering it in.


Man. I wish I was good at art. All I can do is make potatoes come out my ears.

No but this is really frigging amazing. I really do wish I was an artist.

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You don't understand.


I get the same thing when sculpting. I've spent 12 hours on a sculpture before. Life kinda sucks when you do the art thing.

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