Omega Paladin Pohatu - MOC

Omega Paladin Pohatu - Tell me what you all think of this!
Tell me what you like about it
Tell me what you dislike about it



Pohatu... OMG He's sooo cool. blush

Also, why Paladin? Is he a warrior of light or something? And i really like his helmet, he reminds me of a space marine!

I like the term 'paladin' i though is would fit Pohatu:)

It better fits Kopaka I think...

Anyway, very cool MOC!
Does he have helmet on his mask?
It's like putting armor on armor smiley I like it!


I love that helmet function!

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Yo dawg, I heard you like armor....

On topic, I really like the flip-down helmet, assuming that's what it is. The body looks great, but I think the legs are a little skinny.

Yo dawg, I heard you like armor!
So we put armor on your armor, so you can block while you block! smiley

I like the helmet, but the rest is rather cluttered.

It has some cool ideas, but I feel like the proportions are off, some bits too large, some too thin. The extra helmet is cool, but would look better if streamlined.