Omega Tahu: Color Swapped

It's basically the Omega Tahu MOC I made a while back, except striving for accuracy to the new leaked pic that shows the actual set colors.




that's.... incredible. it looks just like the leaked picture

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Awesome, should be Super MLG Pro CoD Alpha (Chruch) Omega Tahu.

It's so glorious.


Worthy of the title Omega. Very nicely done. I really like the board he's riding, too.


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That's amazing how much it looks like the new Tahu set in the leaked image. You dreamt it like this? With the orange colors rather than the gold?

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It really does look like the Tahu in the leaked pictures.
Does anyone agree with me that on the leaked image of Tahu reaching for the golden mask, the Hau he is wearing looks more like Lhikan's form of Hau in red?


Thats really good and pretty accuret with teh new leaked stuff. i like how good teh board is with out the use of these new peices

Whoa, I seriously like the gold finish. I think this is my favorite one you've done yet.

Wow, this is great Ven; could pass for the actual set!


Take low resolution picture of it and you can use it as an actual image of the Tahu set haha.

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This is astounding! This MOC truly deserves the title "Omega Tahu!"

The Lava Board is my favorite part. I may want to build that sometimes...

Just YES!

very cool. I would buy it if it was a set. I think you should make more

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Pretty cool man. Definitly filled out and seems like a very good set.

This is a very well built moc, accurate enough to the leaked images, but my only critique, and it's hopefully constructive, would be the standard Inika legs, you could do something more complexe or complete. But the rest of thr moc is great !

i concur completely. i originally intended on making custom legs but i ended up running out of parts stuck_out_tongue


I think I got it, you see when ven told greg about his dream greg told it on to lego who then got Ven into the design team to design this majestic piece of art and he made the secondary color wrong on purpose so no one would suspect him, but what lego had not thought is that when applego happens Ven is the pandemic panda operative inside applego resulting in TTVPowers victory over the war.


I am amazed and know not what to say.

Amazing. Just Amazing. I like the use of the Knight's Kingdom armour on the shoulders.

Its missing one thing...SHREEEDER CLAAAWS!!! but seriously its awesome

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