Omega Tahu: Dragonic Toa Edition

After some time, I've finally returned to the forums! And I've brought my first Bio2015 MOC! I wanted to modify everyone's favorite master of fire by adding in some classic pieces, and I created a Tahu Nuva inspired revamp of a classic hero.

I'm really feelin' it!

Okoto Surfing Champion

With Jaller: Protector of Fire

A little preview of the next MOC in this little series

So, yeah. Sorry I was gone for so long. I blame school. Thankfully, I can try to visit every day over break. I'm working on collecting the 2015 line for an upcoming comic, so expect that soon, as well. I also need to rebuild my self-MOC for 2015. Until next time.



want some critique? Actually I'll just list out some...

Head: Omega tahu head is fine

body: The Torso is the worst offender. Too gappy and too skeletal. I'm fine with the efort of making it nice and similar to an inika, piraka or some other build but I gotta say: you need more parts on the torso. Seriously it sorta hurts looking at those shoulders in the second and third pics. Also it's abit flat. Though if you don't have that many parts or can't make a decently complex and filling torso, that'd be fine. If not, I could give you a custom torso design I made

Arms: Abit too short but they're fine.

Legs: Mixed bag. On one hand, the legs seem simple and OK, being that they're Metru legs, a short HF double balljoint thigh and an extender. However, what I don't like is the lower leg armor. It sorta bulges out and acts like lumps of armor that just clutters the leg. Also I guess I could prefer the thigh armor be placed on the side of the hips instead of the front.

Overall while I wish not to be harsh, the main torso is the main draw for me. Other then that, the other moc of Kopaka you've made seems better, albiet it has the same leg problems and idk about the torso. Hopefully you make more mocs


Main thing i Hate About Him is His Body Design... to simple and wierd ;l

Also, why didnt ya use Silver CCBS Hands?

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Honestly, I'm trying to work on a solution for the torso design. I also used the original hands because I prefer them. I'll probably post a modified version of this build soon, seeing as I have another MOC with the exact same build and could use some time to improve.

He's not very Omega, but he looks pretty nice.

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he looks paper thin, must be representing the animated version of tahu.