Omega Tahu: Jakura Edition

It… is… FINITO!!

It may not be what Ven sees when he thinks of Omega Tahu, but it’s what I see!
Not really much to say about it, other than it’s Omega Tahu, and who doesn’t love another version of OT? And yes, I TOTALLY stole Fire Lord’s weapon thingy and added Rocka’s shield on top of it (believe it or not, it was actually an accident).

Made with LDD

Please, comment and critique!


The Hau’s on LDD? Wow, never really noticed…

Anyways, great MOC! Pretty unique designs for the sword and shield :smiley:

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Sword, thanks! Shield, nah :stuck_out_tongue:

The shield looks different in the third picture. Did you try a different shield design? :smiley:

Oops, sorry - old picture. Deleting that…

I feel like you could make the torso a bit longer to kind of balance it out against the wide chest. And maybe have a bit of red between the shoulder pads and the chest to break up the gold a bit.

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Opinion noted.

Good and easy looking Omega Tahu but those legs I do hate and the back I already know can’t be fixed but the weapons are great looking and I really like the Sword.

Also I think it would be great to have a topic for just Omega Tahu MOCs, so there will not be a topic attack of Tahus.

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